Photos of Mt Benson Loop via Longview Trail

Distance: 5.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,420 feet Route Type: Loop


trail running




trail running
7 days ago

I did part of this trail. I came from the ½ way point going up mount benson and a lot of that trail was very rocky and hard to run on. I had a hard time finding the shorter trail going back down towards the outer bypass trail. Once I found it, it was easy to follow, and didn’t seem very used. It was marked with fluorescent ties around trees, the trail was narrow and I used a stick to beat back some of the spider webs I was running through! Once at the outer bypass I was relieved thinking I could get my rhythm going and then I hit a no trespassing sign and couldn’t find anything connecting to continue down the outer bypass. I’m sure it was me!!! I ended up going out onto north wood rd and got back to the trail from there and then I was home free to witchcraft lake.

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