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Distance: 2.5 miles Elevation Gain: 462 feet Route Type: Loop

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4 months ago

Possibly the most popular, one of Texada’s top ten hiking destinations is Mount Davies. Often when Trekkers have off island visitors, Mount Davies will be the destination. It is a showcase hike. The trail ascends through dry brush, towering old growth with cool open understory, ponds, creeks, beaver dam, bogs with wild cranberries, towering rock faces and mossy bluffs to a summit plateau at 760 metres. Three hundred and sixty degree views are the reward over the Sabine channel to Jedediah and Lasqueti Islands, across the Salish Sea to Vancouver Island on one side while the other side competing for your attention with the snow capped mountains on the mainland. Other prominent Texada mountain peaks poke up, seemingly close by, Mt. Grant to the east, Pocahontas and Surprise Mountain to the north and Mount Shepherd to the south. Mount Davies guards the west side of the Rock. The landscape of our island from the top appears very steep confirming hikes on Texada are indeed up hill both ways. Mount Davies was not always so accessible. Before the well-marked single-track trails and to many old timers, the area was perfect just to wander at will, with somewhat of a steep scramble up to the top. In the early days of the Texada Trekkers, a route was scouted, John Dove, our Trekker leader, led a hike to the top with the last portion up a very steep slope. A slope too steep for some, whom vowed not to return. Fast forward to around the turn of this century when a new route was marked that circled behind the impressive rock wall making for an easier and for most, a more enjoyable route. Are you adventurous? Mount Davies offers more than a diverse scenic well-trodden path up to the summit. Another high point is close by that begs for attention for those willing to go beyond the ribbons. Spend the night, and after watching a spectacular sunset you will have an astronomers dream seat as you touch the stars. Hike up in the night to witness the sunrise. Trekkers have made an all day hike from the top, down the west side to Shingle Beach; very steep near the top to a wonderful mid section while fighting the salal near the bottom. How can a seemingly innocent plant treasured by florists fight? I believe that the plant instantly grows stems and vines that knot around arms, legs and anything it can and traps you and slowly devours any loose object on your pack or person, never to be seen again. Escape can be difficult and tiring, blood and bruises vs. cut and broken stems. Mount Davies summit can be reached easily in under an hour so when the Saturday Trekkers plan a Mount Davies hike, the nearby knoll, locally named “Bloody Mountain” trail is included making a lovely loop option. Bloody Mountain, not a mountain, was named when a trail builder cut his hand on the trail he was helping build (my theory, likely after fighting a killer salal). Drops of blood stained the rock at a prominent viewpoint looking south to Mount Shepherd. I guess the view lookout knoll name was elevated to Mountain status due to the fact blood had been shed to get there. Somehow Bloody Knoll doesn’t sound as impressive. A Botanist will have a field day on Texada with the abundance of varieties of flora and fauna. Mount Davies is a great area to view prime examples of healthy and wild vegetation in the forest along the trail. Recently, a trekker found a rare Lillium columbianum, or wild Tiger Lily, near the peak of Mount Davies, a first recorded sighting on Texada. Stop along the way and listen to birds. Popular sightings include Sooty Grouse (formerly Blue Grouse), Bald Eagles, Ravens, Chickadees, Northern Saw-whet owl, and Townsend's Solitaire to name a few. Watch underfoot for voles, tree frogs and newts. An invite to all walkers and hikers, locals and visitors, come and join the Texada Trekkers for a walk on the Rock on Saturdays. Check either store- Gillies Bay General Store or Texada Market in Van Anda for meeting location site (Gillies Bay Ball Field or Legion parking lot), meeting at 10 am.

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