Photos of Mount Crumpit

Distance: 4.2 miles Elevation Gain: 951 feet Route Type: Loop






1 month ago

Definitely do the loop counterclockwise. We didn't see very many people today but a couple we did see were going the opposite direction to us (they were going clockwise) and they were pretty much sitting on their asses on the way down Stairway to Heaven. It didn't look fun. Plus, counter clockwise you get most of the climbing out of the way at the beginning. It's steep but not absurdly so. And, yes, if you slip, the penalty is often great, but I never felt like there was any danger of that. The views are pretty great, there are a few places at the top to sit and have a sandwich, and it wasn't very busy for a sunny-ish Sunday. Definitely keep your GPS/map handy, as others have said, it's really easy to go off trail as there are so many different trails here criss crossing and making things a little confusing at times. I think the 6.8kms estimate is a bit high, the red squiggles on the map backtrack and cover the same territory a bunch towards the peak, enough to maybe make the trail distance total a bit high. And it's all short enough that even if you get sidetracked on the wrong trail you won't be regretting the extra meters walked like some more epic hikes. It's a great trail, I'd do it again.

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