Knight Peak Trail is a 11.3 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Fraser Valley E, British Columbia, Canada that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, trail running, and camping and is best used from July until September.

11.3 km
1,480 m
Out & Back



trail running



wild flowers

over grown



off trail

The Knight peak trail is an 11 kilometer long trail that makes it way up from Airplane creek to the wide alpine up around Knight and Baby Munday peak. The trail begins 4 kilometers up Airplane creek FSR, a rough 4wd only road, if you don't have access to a 4wd vehicle than you can park down by where Foley creek FSR leads into Airplane creek FSR and walk the extra 4 kilometers both ways. The trail follows the Baby Munday trail all the way until the alpine before finally petering out allowing you to routefind your way across the talus, heather and snow to Knight peak or continue on to Baby Munday. The trailhead is marked by a wooden post reading 'Baby Munday Trail' and the trail begins with a significantly overgrown (undrivable) old logging road. After about 45 minutes of walking through the overgrown trail you will leave the old logging road and start heading down to airplane creek. Once you've crossed airplane creek you'll start the steep segment of this hike. The steep segment is very steep, expect grades of over 30%, at times around 50%. This steep segment will continue until you reach the treeline roughly 700m of elevation above. Once you get above the treeline you'll follow the trail until it peters out just south of Baby Munday, from there it's routefinding all the way to Knight peak. Expect to have to pick your way up talus fields and snow if you're heading to Knight. Once you've reached the peak you will be treated to a beautiful view of the Cheam range,. Jones/Waleach lake and surrounding mountains.

2 months ago

This is a beautiful hike. The views up in the Alpine are great and would have been much better if it wasn't for all the smoke and haze from all the wildfires.

We started our hike 4km away from the trailhead right by the bridge over Foley Creek where it turns on to airplane creek road, if you have a 4x4 you could get to the trailhead and save yourself an hour of hiking either way though.

The trail starts with about 45 minutes of hiking through an overgrown old road, luckily it's just overgrown with alders, grass and bushes, no stinging nettle or devil's club to pick your way through. After about 45 minutes you'll start heading down through the forest and you'll reach airplane Creek shortly after, it's a great place to fill your water bottles, you'll need it for the next part.

Shortly after Airplane Creek the steep section starts, and it's pretty steep. 50% grade in sections and you'll be going up it pretty much until you reach the Alpine meadows. If you have trekking poles definitely bring them for their hike, they'll really help for this section, especially going down.

After you're done with the steep part you'll enter the meadows and shortly after this is where the routefinding starts. Strangely enough the guide for this hike mentioned that there was not really any places to refill your water on this hike, but we came across 3 streams large enough to refill our bottles in the Alpine alone, I guess we just ended up taking a different route. Still probably not a bad idea to bring at least 3 litres for this hike.

We picked our way up Knight through the talus and finally made it to the peak at about 1:30, 5 and a half hours after we started the hike 11km below. The smoke to the north was thick as a cloud and to the south we could just barely make our Baker and Shukston through the haze. It’s certainly a beautiful hike and if you don’t mind a steep trail i’d definitely recommend it.