Hanes Valley Trail

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Hanes Valley Trail is a 34.4 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that features a great forest setting and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October.

34.4 km
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This challenging day trail offers a variety of attractions and terrain types, from the touristy Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge and top of Grouse Mountain to the back country Hanes Valley route. This is a perfect hike for visitors to Vancouver who are interested in catching the "regular tourist sights" but also want to experience the natural beauty of Vancouver's nearby mountains without crowds of fellow tourists. The Hanes Valley trail is between Lynn Valley and the top of Grouse Mountain. The hike can be done both ways. Experienced hikers should allow 8 hours for this hike but less experienced hikers should allow for more time. The trail is best done in late season because it traverses creek crossings and alpine slopes that are snow covered most of the year, so be sure to check trail conditions on the trail head boards before heading out. Although there is a quicker way to get to the trail head via Lynn Valley road, this guide suggests taking the Varley trail to the trail head via Lynn canyon park. Since this is a one way trail it is best to take public transit to and from the trail head. Take the 228 to Lynn Valley and get off at the Peters Road exit. Buses leave from Londsdale Quay every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 30 early in the morning and late evening. At Peters Road, follow the signs to Lynn Canyon Park. At Lynn Canyon park take some quick snapshots of the suspension bridge while crossing over. After the bridge turn left and follow the trail along Lynn Creek, until another less impressive bridge. Cross the bridge to find the trail head for the Varley trail which takes you along the West side of Lynn creek to the Lynn Valley headwaters regional office and the trail head. After arriving at the regional office take the bridge across the creek to the the hiker information and registration board. From the trail head follow the Lynn Loop trail for 1.8 km to the Cedars mill / headwaters trail junction. After this junction the trail narrows and is marked with yellow markers until the bottom of the scree slope below the crown pass. The hiker can choose either the Cedars Mill trail which follows the historic road to the site of Cedar Mill or the slightly more challenging Headwaters trail which is only 200 M (650 ft) longer. This guide follows the cedar mill trail but both trails arrive at 3rd debris chute. After the 3rd debris chute the trail inclines away from Lynn creek until arriving at the turn off for Coliseum mountain. Fewer tourists pass the third debris chute so the trail is more natural and it is common to see bear droppings and deer along the trail . A five minute walk after the trail fork for Coliseum mountain is a metal suspension bridge and a trail to Norvan falls. Norvan falls is about a ten minute walk and offers good photo opportunities and a place snack before continuing down the trail. After viewing the falls backtrack to the bridge then continue down the trail on the other side of Norvan creek. After crossing the bridge the trail winds through Hanes Valley where it is easy to image the forest before loggers arrived in the early 1900s because many of the old growth tree stumps are visible. Continue until reaching the junction for the Lynn Lake trail and turn left down to a natural creek crossing. The trail then ascends over small creeks and small avalanche tracks to a helicopter landing site at the bottom of the steep rock scree that goes up 490 m (1600 ft) to the crown pass. After a long steep climb on boulders and loose rocks is the crown pass, here follow the trail left towards goat mountain. The trail continues to be challenging but chains have been added in steep areas assist hikers. Follow the signs to Grouse mountain unless you have enough energy and time for a short trek to the goat mountain peak to enjoy the view of the mountains.

trail running
7 days ago

Incredible trail. One of the cities best! Lots of snow halfway up the valley. Probably 4km of Trail in snow. I would recommend crampons still even though we didn’t use them. Trail very well marked with orange reflective tape and yellow tree markers.

19 days ago

Did this June 4th 2018. Amazing hike and well worth every minute. The boulder chute is covered in snow and getting up grouse is a pain without crampons or snow shoes. Otherwise, the views are breathtaking.

2 months ago

Did this hike in June 3 years ago. Needed crampons at the top crossing over to grouse mnt
Awesome day hike

11 months ago

Did this hike yesterday, July 3rd 2017. The trail is actually still closed and I will say for good reason. I figured it was a spring thing they forgot to
take down, but there is indeed still a lot of snow on the route, starting with when you get to the boulder field.
The trail markers can get hard to find due to the snow. Having to climb steep hills in snow with visible holes in which make you think it could give at any moment if you step in the wrong spot is a tad bit scary. When you finally make it to the top of the saddle before heading on to grouse, (it's a serious workout with the snow slowing you down) you have then go down - in snow of course. My hands were partially numb the rest of the day from cold exposure and burns from when I tried to stop myself from sliding when I would slip, but also from climbing up these snow banks using my hands to help gain traction.

I have a few bumps and bruises I wear with pride from a great workout, hike, and adventure, but just be prepared for this one with a good level of fitness and a tough mental attitude.

I would not recommend this trip solo.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Very nice hike! Did this last year!Everything you can ask for. If you have time, swim at not an falls before you go trek the Boulder portion of the hike. It get hot in the summer. If you look back at the hike, you can see the breathtaking view of the valley! Love this hike! Doing it again this summer

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nice views of the valley and surrounding peaks during the first half. Prepare for a steep, scrambling hike over loose rock for the second leg.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

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