16.8 miles
5,393 feet

dog friendly






8 days ago

Great hike with variety and fantastic views! Our pace was slower then normal so our timing is reflected in this. 2 hr 45 min in the trees to the campsite and this was the most incline with well placed switch backs. The creek had running water and the campsite included an outhouse and bear cache! Nice little set up. We dropped our bags and continued on. Opens up to meadows and some views! Eventually you will see a stream on the right, it was a cooking hot day so we stopped to enjoy the freezing chill! Carried on, and the path turns to rocks for the remaining ascent. False summit with great views after 1.5 hours and then walk along the rocky ridge another 30 minutes to the summit to enjoy the incredible views! Soak it in but make sure you take bug spray - they were pretty bad at the camp site, along the hike and at the summit. Not unbearable for me, but everyone has different tolerance levels. No wind when we were up there, but I’ve heard it can be windy... which would help with the bugs. ;) After the campsite you are out in the sun for the remainder, so keep that in mind if it’s a hot day. One person in our group really felt the heat, slower her down and needing lots of water. We did refill at both the stream and creek - filtering the water before drinking it. We did notice pink in the snow higher up. Keep in mind the creek could dry up so don’t depend on the water, make sure you bring extra - we happened to know there was water as a friend had just been up. We stayed overnight in the camping area, enjoyed a relaxing morning before continuing our descent, ready for a swim in lighting lakes! I’d love to go back in the fall to see the larches!