Photos of Flora Lake and Lindeman/Greendrop Lake Loop

10.1 miles
4,796 feet


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4 months ago

Started on a rainy day, 830 ish am. Towards Flora, uphill to get the grind and elevation done first. Its over 4000 ft of gain, not counting if you are going to the peak. It helped that we had hydration salts as I did start to severely cramp in my legs by the time we got to the top. Hydration salts helped. I wouldnt have made it without. The top, the junction between the trail and peak is beautiful and it has some of the most beautiful and best tasting wild blueberries. Definitely a treat. Surprisingly, Flora towards the peak, it hd LTE coverage. Everywhere else we relied on a Satellite Messenger/Tracker. After that, its a descent of about 1500-2000 ft towards Flora lake. Flora was disappointing, so we had lunch and marched on towards the greendrop/lindeman junction. At the bottom of Flora, we met two hikers, who just went to Flora and were coming back, they stated Flora to Greendrop wasnt accesible. We were discouraged by that, as well as torrential rain that started. Given my cramps and issues with elevation, after examining the map closer, the trail from Flora to Greendrop, to Lindeman to the parking lot, was mostly downhill, flat with minimal elevation. We decided to march on, as I perhaps wouldnt be able to make it back up to Flora peak to go back where we came from. If we continued to Greendrop, the concern were the blouder fields in the rain and overgrown trails, lack of markers.
we took a chance as it was 2 pm (6 hrs since we started) after lunch, and we still had 6 miles to go, but much less elevation.
So, rain gear is a must, if not for the rain, for the wet trees, bushes, shrubs etc. lots of mud, creeks. The boulders were ok, some slippery spots, but good shoes and hiking poles (1 pole, 1 hand) helped navigate. Ankle high boots a must to protect feet in the boulders.

Follow the pink markers on the boulders and the little stone stacks that others left to help you find your way accross.

Carefull on the switchbacks as they are narrow, loose ground and loose rock. easy to slip and fall.

It is well marked from flora to greendrop, but overgrown. The greendrop/lindeman junction is down and accross the creek at the bottom of the trail. Greendrop is very close and worth it.

There are new section of the trail btwn greendrop and lindema that didnt line up with the gps and we had a spot where we couldn't find the markers as the trail now switched back to the other side of the creek (west I think) to go up to lindeman. There is a post with a sign and km markers.

The good thing is that, there are a few new cedar bridges, walkway and new sections of trail that make it easier than in the past.

Once you see Lindeman, its 1 more boulder field, and 2 km from center of the lake towards parking. Still a downward hike, carefully as that last section, tired, can be dangerous. Follow the markers and sound of the waterfall.
These 2 k seemed the longest, but once you reach the flat wide trail, its a slight uphill to the parking lot.

I heard cars get broken into overnight, batteries stolen etc. So keep in mind.