5.5 miles
784 feet

dog friendly


mountain biking




4 months ago

This is a great hike with lots of varied terrain. The first time we did this hike we found the south entrance in Extension. Easy hike up to the ridge and spectacular views south and west. Awesome for catching the setting sun! The second time, we entered the trail from the Harewood Mines Rd end. Unfortunately we read the direction sign from one side and went to the left instead of the right, resulting in a less than interesting walk along the power line.... more like a scramble over jagged rocks. Once we realized this was not where we wanted to be, we cut up toward the SW, into the trees. Much better!
The third time.... we got it right and headed right up to the Abyss near the top of the ridge. We met a couple who said the last time they had hike there, the slope was still all forested. Now it’s a pretty sad wasteland with a ton of debris from the logging and a few spindly arbutus. It gets way better up top though, so keep going! Take a look at the big fissure, called the Abyss, (keep small dogs on a leash and watch your littles carefully - it’s just wide enough for one to slip down into) and then carry on up to the ridge. Keep going until you get a great view over the city! Then go some more til you get to the big tower. Take photos here! You might even be able to see Mt Baker in the US! Keep going and enjoy the last couple km, especially where you can see down into the Extension valley. Really pretty. The first couple times were nice and quiet, but the last time we went on a Sunday afternoon, there was a lot of rifle fire coming from the shooting range, and many people on dirt bikes and ATVs, so it kinda sounded like a war going on..... not super peaceful. A fun hike, with lots of terrain, not too hard, and pretty views. You will just have to ignore the logged areas, and try to go when the shooting range isn’t open!