8.8 miles
3484 feet
Out & Back

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trail running


wild flowers



6 months ago

December 11, 2017 An epic hike today with two good men. Road in was salted and only a few pot holes as we got close to the trail head. 5-7 cars parked. 9:45 started our hike, 10:30 at logging road (just crossed it), 11:30 started hiking again after we rested and had snacks at the first view point....so far trail dry and in excellent condition (although steep as ever).

The second half of the trail much different. As we got to the first clearing, the trail was covered in snow and icy, slippery and a bit slushy at times as well. Temp was about 10 - super warm and sunny for December. We've had 10+ days of clear and somewhat warm temps, but a few good inches of ice and slush on the middle of trail remained. It was possible to walk along the edge somewhat and find some areas to get dry land, but micro spikes at the very least with good poles highly recommended.

Quite a few people on the trail, some with runners turned around at the snow or slightly past, maybe saw 10-14 people all day. Got to the first perfect clearing for lunch after taking the 'inside' trail to the very top.....we never even looked at the outside route.

I think we started lunch at12:45 and headed down at 1:30, 3:30 we hit the outhouse at the car lot on the bottom. A perfect day indeed.