8.0 miles
3,336 feet

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1 month ago

The views along the ridge are truly spectacular and well worth the substantial amount of work you have to put in to see them. My hike stats after completing this trail were 15km and 1250M of total elevation gain which varies slightly from the posted ones on this app.
It took me 5 hours round trip, about 3hours to Lindsey Lake and then 2 hours down. The first 1km is a nice warm up from the parking lot but once you turn on to the main trail you are in for 2.5-3kms of relentlessly steady climbing. A manageable grade but very little level relief to catch your breath. Once you reach the point where you have to choose which way to go you’ve done about 80% of your elevation gain. I chose to go left at the junction and see the viewpoints on the west side of Eagle Mountain first, high above Buntzen Lake. There are multiple view points as you traverse the ridge. Once you reach Lindsey Lake the trail turns to the backside of the mountain where you are treated to multiple small lakes (more like ponds). The last bit of the snow is melting and there was a lot of standing water on this part of the trail but it was easy to navigate around it. The trail is very well marked. Any time I felt like I wasn’t sure which way to go there were markers to keep me headed in the right direction. The climb down was almost as hard as the way up only with different muscles. Take it slow and preserve your knees! Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. It was the longest hike with the most elevation gain I’ve done to date. It was a heck of a workout but even with the sore muscle two days later I still think it was totally worth it!