Wind Ridge Trail

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Wind Ridge Trail is a 16.7 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Canmore, Alberta, Canada that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

16.7 km
1,183 m

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1 day ago

Very calm and easy through the forested section. Quite steep and it was a little slippery in the mud near the top. We made it to the rock face which is where the trail seemed to stop.

19 days ago

As mentioned in other reviews the trail has been rerouted for a portion starting not far after the powerlines. It includes 4 new bridges which are built very well and eventually meets back up with the old trail which is still used for horseback riding. The new trail is signed well and you shouldn't worry about getting lost.

Until you make it to the meadows it is a very nice forest hike which I would rate as easy. Once you hit the meadows it a whole different story. To the top is very steep and challenging but well worth the effort. The views are amazing from the top. I stopped at the rock face where is seems most people stop. To go around the rock face and go higher it looks like you need to scale around the rock face, which is something I didn't want to do by myself.

Would recommend this hike to anybody. Round trip should take 4-5 hours depending on how long you rest at the top.

19 days ago


1 month ago

this hike has come updates, brand new bridges and sign posts to help guide you on your way.

the hike starts out forested and seems to go on for what seems like a while, every once in a while when you look behind you'll see just high youre actually getting.
suddenly you will get to a bit of a clearing. it just kinda happens. the trees just go away. you'll arrive at those meadow looking pictures in the description. THEY'RE MUCH STEEPER IN REAL LIFE, like if you step off the trail you roll all the way down the mountain, the path is about . but it gives way to such beautiful views!
this hike is misleading by some of the pictures! do it! so worth it.

1 month ago

Was a little confusing off the start as there is no mention of wind ridge on the initial trail map. You have to take centennial trail for a ways before hitting it. Made it to the first major viewpoint at the cliff and had to turn around as it wasn’t possible to keep going up the steep loose rocks with my 2 dogs and no hands free. Would do it again without the dogs. Great views, bit of a thigh burner!

2 months ago

Over the years , we have Done it 3 times and will Again. The first half hour is Not boring since the new trail has been forged and completed after its first two kilometres had being demolished from the big flood 4 years back. Thanks to the bottom new trail and easy grade whose bridges cross 3 gorgeous little creeks, In the first half hour , I would recommend the first 40 min of this trailhead to any family looking for a short nature walk, or who don’t have the 5 hours it takes to summit and return . Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this trail magical.. Flowers all thru the valley bottom and upper meadows at the right times are amazing . t the top waiting for you is a kilometre long ridge walk .The views from this summit ridge are relentless. From the desert- like Back side of Three sisters , to the five Lougheed peaks front and centre with their emerald green meadows, a good portion of Centenniall Trail up Mount Allen and Collembola . So Three hours to top , or a leisurely four hours taking your time. Last hour and a half can look daunting because you can see the entire route to the top . But don’t let it intimidate you. Don’t miss out on Wind Ridge. Especially when it’s sporting it’s famous Winds . Ha Wonderful . Some days up there is paradise. And some wind days is an experience too. Like a freight train is roaring thru up there. You Just won’t know till you get up there .

2 months ago

Good hike. Steep sections but worth it. Excellent views at the top; one can see for kms around, and snow to slide down on the way back! The top can be tricky for those afraid of heights.

2 months ago

Lots of steep up hill climbing
Nice views at top

2 months ago

Did this hike with my dog. A bit boring for the first 45 min or so but then opens up to some spectacular views. It gets quite steep in places and was challenging enough. Would recommend to anyone.

2 months ago

Really enjoyed this one. Nice views out of the tree line, not super hard at all.

3 months ago

Beautiful views and well maintained.

5 months ago

Trail is closed from dec 31 to June because of wildlife look forward to hike in june

10 months ago

I really enjoyed this hike! Went on October 30 just before this snow hit. Easy trail, I did need microspikes near the top and unfortunately I didn't find a route to the peak where I felt it was safe to have my boisterous retriever bouncing around me. It was still a great hike and picnic stop just in front of the scramble section and didn't feel ripped off because we didn't make it to the very top. Great views once your out of the forest

10 months ago

Some route finding at beginning; a bit boring until you come to clearing and beautiful views over Valley and towards Mount Lougheed. VERY windy, did not complete full trail.

11 months ago

It was windy and snowy on top; the views were amazing once it cleared up a bit; a lot of fallen trees on the trail.

11 months ago

Incredible views across the valley, a bit of snow on the peaks makes the mountains texture stand out. Tough hike but with the views it's not a slog.

Monday, September 18, 2017

great trail, and even on a weekend not busy. great views, challenging incline near the top. two minutes from the highway, seriously why don't more people go here. a lot of bear activity, bring your PPE

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

drawn out beginning... and uber steep final climb. beautiful views and easily accessible

Monday, July 17, 2017

Honestly I would rate this as a harder trail. It's very steep for a lot of the trail, but SO worth it for the views. I've done it twice and I would do it again! Just be prepared for a good leg workout.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Good hike. The last kilometre was tough but worth it. The trail was well maintained.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

to everyone who posted reports lately do your homework before heading out.
The trail is currently closed to protect wildlife.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Yes it is windy as you reach top. spectacular view of valley and surrounding mountains.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Awesome trail, easy to moderate throughout (some hilly spots on the north end of the loop, I recommend doing the south part of the loop first and come back along the north side). Small amount of snow at the higher elevations (on May 19th) in the forested areas but once we passed the tree line it was completely snow free. Views from the summit are absolutely breathtaking with a beautiful view of the valley, surrounded by mountains of course! Definitely recommend this hike for anyone looking for a pretty easy hike with beautiful views! Note: there are a couple of river crossings in the early part of the trail, one of which had a bridge but the second we had to cross on a log.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Attempted to do this one today, got within probably 20 mins of the top but had to turn around because of a nasty snow storm that rolled in. The path is relatively well marked and easy to find, given you're not trying to find it in a snow storm. Will definitely try some other time (maybe not in the middle of November).

Monday, July 25, 2016

Super beautiful lots of ups and downs along the ridge fun easy hike!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Spectacular views toward the finish. Exceeded my expectations.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The trail is 2klm of valley bottom with a slight drop to the creek, cross creek and head down stream, cross another creek and then head left and follow old fire road into Wind Valley. ((2013 debris flow and floods removed bridges and removed evidence of roads in valley bottom. Trail/road will reappear once you gain a little elevation from the creek.)) Fire road winds and rolls over sight hills then turns to right. 100 feet into the turn a foot path leads left into the Wind Valley, but the road continues and climbs up to the ridge. You will gain elevation now at an incline rate of 7.5 with one switch back and then exit into the mountain side meadows. The road ends and you proceed very steeply up for a short distance then it eases off (still steep, but you'll feel it easier in comparison) as you work your way upward along the ridge and over a few steps. Return can be done by continuing the ridge and dropping down into the top end of the valley and walking out on the lower path (Bear Country) or you can return by the fire road. Views of Wind Tower from the base and Rimwall. The trails are closed from Dec.1 - June 15th as a breeding and protection area for wildlife.

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