Tunnel Mountain Trail

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Tunnel Mountain Trail is a 3.9 kilometer out and back trail located near Banff, Alberta, Canada that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until August. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

3.9 km
261 m
Out & Back

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2 days ago

Relatively easy trail with some steeper portions. Fine for beginners. View is alright but nothing spectacular. Round trip can be accomplished in 1.5 hours. Parking at lower portion is good, parking up a little higher is scarce. Maybe 10 vehicles max. Trail can be slippery when wet, specifically up higher on the rocky areas

3 days ago

Easy hike up with a great view of downtown Banff on one side and Bow River on the other. Only took about an hour or sightly more round trip. Great short hike. Right next to Banff Centre. Not sure why this is classified as moderate, a few slightly steep areas but a child could do this. I wore my hiking shoes, boots not needed.

3 days ago

Trail was a bit steeper than expected. Lots of switch backs, lots of large rocks on the trails. We did walk while raining, which made the large rocks very slippery.

3 days ago

I “hiked” this trail about two years ago in December.

My family was up in Banff for Christmas vacation and my brother and I wanted to do a very basic hike near banff while the rest of our family enjoyed downtown banff. We didn’t have “real” hiking gear at the time and there was snow on the ground so we didn’t want to hike a “heavy incline”. We figured that even with basic winter boots, we’d be slipping.
This section of Tunnel Mountain trail was recommended to us Buy a local so we figured we would try it.

It was a decent hike with an easy to follow trail. Tunnel Mountain had a decent view up at the summit. But if you are expecting to have an absolutely amazing view… You should probably find a Nother hiking trail, like sulfur Mountain.

If you are looking for a walk with your friends to be able to talk and enjoy some scenery this would be a great walk/hike for you.

5 days ago

Nice views from a couple of view points but just way to busy to really enjoy any of it.

6 days ago

Easy climb, good trail, some loose small stones, we took three children up. Took 1hour return. Beautiful views. A must do hike in Banff.

7 days ago

Steady, sloping climb to a solid overlook of Banff/Bow Valley. Be sure to look for the opportunity to take a classic Banff Springs hotel picture. Up and down in 90 minutes. Heads up: we crossed paths with a cow elk and her baby calf and were forced off trail for a bit. At dusk, there were a handful of mule deer bouncing around near the trailhead as well. Great evening.

8 days ago

Nice hike, busy but not crazy. Good views of the town and surrounding peaks. Took my parents, who are 60 and pretty active.

10 days ago

This short hike is perfect for beginners. You'll summit and it will only take you 30-60 mins to reach the top.
If you're someone who does not like kids or dogs then this is not the trail for you.
My friend and I hiked this in the morning on a week day and it was not very busy. However by the afternoon the trail was busier. Earlier in the morning might be a good way to avoid a lot of people.
The views are not as amazing as other more difficult trails.
Overall a great short, easy hike.

14 days ago

Hike took about an hour to the top and about half an hour back to the bottom. we took a couple quick breaks, but nothing very long. Quite steep, but you don't need any special hiking gear, we did it in runners no problem. Great views of Banff and area.

16 days ago

Amazing view. I would definitely go back again!

19 days ago

Steep, plenty more switchbacks than the map at the bottom of the map. Saw an elk on the way up. Would love to run it.

20 days ago

Amazing view from the top !!

20 days ago

Great hike in the winter and summer

21 days ago

From the directions on this app we went to a bigger parking lot below the official Tunnel Mountain trailhead (marked by a sign), where there are maybe 10 parking spots. Our total round trip was just under 5 km from this starting point. I went with my 7 year old, who carried her American Girl doll up the mountain, to give you an idea of pace... we still finished in under 2 hours. Does get a bit steeper near the summit, but there are a few paths that are gentler inclines. Great views available at several points along the last 15-20 mins to the summit.

22 days ago

This is a simple hike within walking distance of downtown central Banff. Good one to do if you don't have time to do much hiking in the area -- expect 30min-1hr.

23 days ago

Very good!!!

24 days ago

we stopped several times to take pics and play with the rocks, even with the 3 year old pace we did it in under 2h

26 days ago

Awesome trail for a quick hike. The views are rewarding.

28 days ago

Great hike. Good elevation and awesome views of Banff and surrounding area.

29 days ago

First time on Tunnel, great little hike! Dry and busy. Amazing views

29 days ago

Took our 10 month old up in the pack and it was the perfect trail for that. Not overly exerting and great views. Very accessible and well maintained trails.

30 days ago

First time hiking tunnel mountain. It was a Friday evening at 6:30, the sky was clear and very little breeze with a temp of about 12c. It was prefect. Looked out to the east at the mountain range, Bow river and Lake Loiuse golf course. It was less than a hour with quick breaks. There’s a sitting area with two chairs but go further to the rock slab. Beautiful view. Had a nice snack and others took our group picture. The walk down took 25 minutes. Prefect hike.

1 month ago

Finally got to do this one. Nice little hike very accessible and trail is in great condition. Views can't be beat 2 hrs well spend.

1 month ago

Great hike with very nice views.

1 month ago

Short, good afternoon hike

1 month ago


1 month ago

A pretty easy trail for anyone who is moderately able-bodied. And I saw plenty of locals climbing up with their dogs. Takes only an hour each way up and back. Currently on today’s date no crampons or micro spikes are needed

1 month ago

Not a bad hike by any means, but it was completely overcast and so there wasn’t a great view at all, but I’ll likely do it again and give it another chance.

1 month ago

Great little winter hike - was tough enough for the short distance to keep it interesting. You can certainly do this hike without ice cleats in the winter/spring but we were happy we rented some- they did help.

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