Tent Ridge Horseshoe

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Tent Ridge Horseshoe is a 10.0 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Canmore, Alberta, Canada that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

10 km
831 m

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19 hours ago

Absolutely phenomenal views of Mount Smuts, Mount Birdwood and Mount Fist. One of the most spectacular views I've ever seen in a day hike. Highly recommend. A little bit of exposure at the first climb to the left ridge but definitely pretty mild. Can't wait to do it on a non-smokey day!

1 day ago

Definitely one of the coolest hikes I’ve ever done! It was reaaaaally smokey but we got some good shots still! When you find the parking lot, definitely start with the trailhead on the LEFT. I would not want to do the loop starting on the right. Cant wait to do it again when there’s isn’t so much smoke and we can see all the mountains!

9 days ago

Saw many dogs mastering this trail like it was a walk in the park! Very fun scrambling at the beginning (going clockwise), and the spot at the top near the radio tower; I could make my home there and never leave. We were hiking in the middle of June so it was quite hot and not much shade or protection from the sun. Some parts of the slope going down we’re still snow ridden so we had some fun and “Skied” down some sections.

11 days ago

Another great ridge walk & hike. 2018 August long weekend (Monday), so it was rather busy, most likely due to the Facebook factor (thanks Hike Alberta FB group (¬_¬)) We started clockwise, as suggested here in other reviews. After the first few Km's in the woods, you start the scramble up to the ridge. There are a few exposed areas that those afraid of heights might balk at. Once at the radio tower, it's an easy descent down the saddle and then another grind up to the next peak. The longer ridge walk was great. The descent took a while, but I'm glad we were going down it, rather than up.

15 days ago

Great hike! Go clockwise for sure as some of the trail if you were to go the opposite way would be difficult. Sunscreen is a must, I forgot to put some on my legs and now they are bright red. The views are to die for and are totally worth the effort and sweat to see it. Poles are a huge help going up and coming down especially on the ridge itself as it gives you more stability then just your two legs. My friend and I walked at an average pace and I stopped alot as I take a ton of pictures, so that and stopping for lunch we did the hike in 6 hours. This is a must hike, one of the best so far!!

16 days ago

This is one of my faves, the view is just all sorts of gorgeous. I had so many WOOOOWWWWW moments and then would go around a corner and have a NO WAY AS IF, WOOOOWWWWW moment. It keeps getting better. There are a lot of weather changes along the ridge so bring layers. Also basically drown yourself in sunscreen because you are pretty much inside of the sun for the entirety of the ridge walk, good way to get leather skin...or in my case sunburn. I seem to always have sunburn, I should figure this out. Anyways, definitely do it clockwise, I would not want to scramble down what I went up, especially when I'm tired towards the end. I usually am a whiner because I have sad out of shape hot dog legs and incline and me are not friends, but I honestly did not find this one that bad. Throw on some hip hop and before you know it you'll be at the mountain base ready for the best part. Go on a clear day so you get the full view of all the beauty, and make sure it's not windy because blowing off that ridge would be pretty sucky. Poles helped. Also bring a sandwich, you'll get hungry for sure.

18 days ago

Beautiful hike. stunning 360 degree views, summits and lush mountain valleys, what's not to like.

19 days ago

Tent ridge is a wonderful hike. The clockwise loop is really worthwhile (starting at the trail below the parking lot) - the scrambles are fun if you have experienced scrambling before and a good place to learn if you are just beginning. They are nothing too crazy. Views from the summit are spectacular and the final ridge walk towards Spray Lakes is gentle in elevation and offers the best views of the hike. When you go down, make sure to go down and to the left trail as opposed to straight through, which will loop you back to the starting trail.

20 days ago

Amazing view. Well worth it. Took us 5.5 hours and clockwise was definitely the best way to start!

20 days ago

Fist time and I loved it !! Awesome little hike. I’d rate it as easy to low intermediate, but I guess that is determined by your comfort level. Definitely start clockwise...just sayin. The scramble is extremely easy and just plain fun ! The day was gorgeous and the views unforgettable

20 days ago

So far the best views I’ve seen on a hike. So much fun climbing the rocks. Sliding down the mountain was not fun but it’s still one of the best hikes I’ve done. Not for first time hikers.

Best views I’ve ever gotten on a hike. Definitely a favourite. Done it twice now, the second time got a little sketchy, however, because the weather got quite bad making the rocks on the ridge very slippery. Would not bring a beginner hiker along if you are doing the complete ridge walk. It’s very easy just to do the hike/climb at the beginning and head back to the start instead of doing the whole loop if you’d like a shorter/easier day.

22 days ago

This is one of my new favourite trails! Don’t underestimate the low(ish) elevation gain, the views are stunning! You spend a brief 30 minutes or so climbing the mountain and the rest of the hike is a beautiful, easy ridge walk with incredible 360 degree views. My friend and I did this hike in 3 hours and 20 minutes with intermittent jogging. Do this trail!!!

23 days ago

First off I want to say I have hiked all over the Rocky's for over 15 years completing some very difficult hikes. This is NOT for beginners, most dogs, people scared of heights or who have vertigo. There are numerous areas where if you misstep or your dog pulls you you can tumble off the mountain. Most of the trail is shale so pup may have raw paws by the time you get back. The descent is also challenging, ensure you know what you are getting yourself into out there folks.

24 days ago

Going Clockwise is definitely a wise decision! it starts flat, so it's a nice warm up before you get to the steep area. Even that is not to hard and doable. Before arriving at the highest point you'll have a small plateau where you can enjoy the view. Climbing up to the ridge is not so hard and you should definitely give it a try. As soon you conquered the steep part enjoy the view, appreciate nature and have a nice "stroll "


25 days ago

This was my favourite hike to date. The views were absolutely incredible! The climb to get up onto the ridge was difficult and can be scary if you don’t like heights, but once you are up onto the ridge it is much easier. Getting back down is quite steep, so be sure to take it slow and do the loop

26 days ago

Amazing views that change along the way. Mostly a hike with the exceptions of two mandatory scrambles.
Make sure to do the loop clockwise as it makes it much easier on the way down.

28 days ago

Amazing views the whole way! We went clockwise and I would recommend this - most people were going in this direction. No shade for 90% of the hike so wear sunscreen and drink lots. If you are scared of heights, the climb to the first peak (going clockwise) can be frightening. For example, climbing on the side of the mountain with a narrow trail and climbing using all 4's to get to the old weather tower.
This was such an amazing hike with different terrain and scree - I can't wait to do it again!

1 month ago

So beautiful!! Would recommend the clockwise direction and bringing lots of sunscreen because most of the hike is quite exposed

Amazing views... go clockwise... you won’t regret it!

1 month ago

Amazing hike! Such stunning views and a gorgeous ridge walk. Would recommend doing it in the clockwise direction (starting from the trail before the parking lot) just because the scramble up, in my opinion, would be harder to go down! 360 views, would definitely recommend! This took my friend and I 5 hours in total including breaks for photos, lunch at the weather station and general breaks to enjoy the view!

1 month ago

An amazing hike. Definitely recommend doing the loop in a clockwise direction. The scramble up is challenging but coming down that section would scare me! Both my gps and my partners gps came up with this being a 12.5!km hike.

1 month ago

This trail is challenging at times but the views are incredible. It is quite windy at the top of the ridge. I felt like Dumbledore when he was in the cave in search of horcruxes while I waited for the wind to calm down. It was 31 degrees when I started the hike however it rained and hailed at the top of the ridge so layer up. Everyone suggests starting this trail at the left of the parking area but I couldn’t find it so I did it the other way around and it wasn’t too bad. Lots of climbing at the top and some areas are a little steep but very manageable. I would highly recommend bringing hiking poles.

1 month ago

Amazing view all the way to the summit especially at the weather station. Perfect place to rest and enjoy the view. We took the clockwise route which I would recommend, the scrambling part is not as difficult as it may seem.

1 month ago

Fantastic hike. Scrambles were mildly difficult. Views are amazing throughout. Highly recommend doing this hike with good weather - we got hit with high winds and precipitation which made things challenging. I’d rate this hike as hard as opposed moderate although there’s nothing too sketchy about this hike.

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I've ever done. I'm midly afraid of heights and this trail gave me anxiety most of the time on the ridge. The trail on a few of the rock scrambles were difficult to find and often frustrating because the ridge is steep in places (not a ton of room for error). Views are incredible but certainly not for the faint of heart.

1 month ago

Amazing hike! Went in late June and there’s still patches of snow here and there. It’s total 10k and the ridge up top is like 6k and the remaining runs thru the forests. Did Ha Ling last month and thought it got some pretty serious scramble, but compared to this one Ha Ling is nothing. Nearly 90 degrees of scramble with loose rocks. There are several good drops up on the ridge and we really took our time making our way down. Come prepared for some serious rock climbing and make sure you are comfortable with heights and walking (or scrambling) right beside cliffs. The views up there are really worth the thrills! The mountains on the other side of the ridge made us feel like we were in Switzerland..
Not recommended for beginners.

1 month ago

This hike is incredible, but I definitely recommend doing it later in the season. We went mid June and there was lots of snow, with some route finding coming down (not a fan of the hour we spent in the bush). Clearly there was an avalanche. Luckily we were prepared for snow and it wasn't cold. We saw others who were less prepared though and they suffered a bit.

Do the route starting from the left trailhead (left of the parking lot). the trailhead is easier to find and the scramble is easier.

The hike to the basin and start of the ridge line is quite easy but there are lots of debris (big trees). The incredible views start early.

Once you reach the valley, it's clear there was an avalanche. The trail to the start of the scramble was tough to find in the deep snow. the scramble itself is steep but short and not too difficult. Then, you're on the ridge!

There is climbing on this ridge. Have your hands free. The views are absolutely incredible but it's not a hike for those afraid of heights or cliffs or doing some climbing!

If you started from the trailhead nearer to the parking lot, the descent is steep but less so than the ascent and less slippery (shale isn't as loose). We could not find the trail into the forest and the snow was very deep. We ended up tobogganing down part of it and bush wacking for an hour. Thankfully, you're close to the road either way (look for a logging road). the logging road shoots out by the parking area.

I think it's harder than moderate especially if there is snow!

1 month ago

It was very difficult to find the trail head. There are two entry points. The first trail head is located before the parking area. The second is located up an old fire road to the left.

1 month ago

Amazing views. First time hiking, there was still a bit of snow below the ridge but was manageable and as long as you have AllTrails it is easy to stay on the route! We went up counter clockwise and honestly, I wouldn't go any other way. The scramble would be much harder to come down than the other way. Would say this hike is hard rather than moderate as consider myself to be on good shape but it was tough. Worth every effort

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