Sundance Canyon Trail is a 10.0 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Banff, Alberta, Canada that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

10 km
389 m

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partially paved


wild flowers



6 days ago

What a beauty!

13 days ago

Easy hike. Most of the trail is paved (and not really interesting...). Canyon is cool but this interesting part of the trail is too short. (a LOT of mosquitoes in summer. be prepared!)

1 month ago

Family friendly up until the canyon, there is a bike rack right before you go through the canyon. FYI, Discovery Pass gives you free access to the Cave and Basin

1 month ago

Easy hike, canyon was nice but all the way to the canyon is paved.

2 months ago

I would give this a 3.5 star, it’s listed as moderate but we found it easy.
nice views and good for an afternoon stroll.
The beginning is a paved path along the river that you can bike up or walk, but the best part of the hike is after the pavement ends and the trail begins.
We walked at a slower pace and stoped for photos, round-trip took us three hours

3 months ago

A good portion of this trail is paved, but I personally don't have any complaints about that. You still walk right past or through wetlands, lakes and forests.

In mid July the bugs are no joke, so there is a reason a majority of the reviews say to bring bug spray.

The end of the trail is extremely rewarding. once the paved portion ends, the scenery for the rest of the trail is spectacular!

3 months ago

Getting to the trail via the paved road can be a bit dull and, although there are some nice views of the river, I would cycle this portion (there is a bike rack at the foot of the trail). The trail itself is quite enjoyable with great views of the cascading water and some fun hiking. Go early to avoid the crowds which started around 9am.

3 months ago

Good hike. Only downside is the paved portion. Trail is a little run down in the canyon part but still very enjoyable. If we were to do it again, we would have biked the paved portion as there is a bicycle rack at the foot of the canyon portion

3 months ago

The first 3km on paved road are boring (even if we saw a black bear). The canyon trail is great but a LOT of mosquitoes so be prepared.

3 months ago

We did this trail yesterday and we’d do it again. The paved portion of it is ok but once that stops and you begin hiking along the creek, it’s beautiful. We went through the interpretative at the trailhead and I’d recommend it. That surfer spring is where the entire Canadian National parks started. Pretty neat. Take bug spray for sure.

4 months ago

This was an amazing hike with beautiful views at the top. Recommend this hike for all ages.

5 months ago

5 months ago

Hiked this Sept 2017, loved the cliffs, the waterfall.

5 months ago

a really nice and easy hike, even on a rainy day. the first 2km are paved, but you walk along wetlands and then in the forest until the hiking loop starts. From the beginning of the loop, you follow up the canyon along the river, which is simply incredible. the second half of the loop takes you back down to the paved trail, but it goes through the forest. there are a couple of nice views of the neighbouring mountains and really beautiful orchards are growing along the path. definitely doable with children and not so good weather.

5 months ago

Did this trail last weekend, definitely recommended. Starts at the cave and basin in Banff and about a 20min walk on pavement before you hit trail head. Very beautiful, starting from trail head I would say about 45min-1 hour return, depending on how long you stop for viewing. Much prefer over Johnson canyon.

5 months ago

Awesome, relatively easy trail! Like many have said, the first majority is paved, but there are some gorgeous views of the river and the mountain range. Once you hit the end of pavement, definitely worth it. Some beautiful moments along the trail, and it’s not terribly difficult.

5 months ago

It was a bit boring to walk on pavement road to actual hike. Trail itself along the creek was good. A little bit muddy and icy. Did it in indoor soccer shoes, no problem.

6 months ago

Loved the actual hike part at the end of the paved path. The loop is beautiful with stairs cut out of stone, little bridges and mossy canyon walls. Still some snow and ice along the creek but nothing impassable in hikers. I think this is an easy hike with the first 3k being more of a Sunday stroll. The paved path accounts for just too much of this hike to make me want to go again for myself but might take someone new to hiking.

6 months ago

I hiked this on May 1, 2018. As previous reviewer’s have mentioned the first 3 miles are flat and paved so pretty easy. A little boring at first but when the trail runs alongside the river there are some beautiful views culminating in a clearing that is just picture perfect where you can see several peaks spread out in front of you with the foreground being several different kinds of swampy vegetation.

Once I got to the actual Sundance Canyon Loop I had to put on micro spikes as there was still a fair bit of snow and ice on the trail. You can probably get it done if you have sport cleats or some very gnarly hiking boots, but I sure appreciated having the micro spikes. The loop itself offers several small waterfalls, and a very nice view of Norquay on the way back down as you are hitting the switchback part of the trail

for a newbie hiker it was a bit daunting, we started at 4:30pm and thought we'd have enough time but it started getting dark before we got to the loop at the end. the views were worth it but the amount of snow made it a bit dangerous, the path had been completely snowed over in some parts so it walked alongside some of the bridges instead of on them. beautiful scenery but take care and allow for a lot more time than we did if you're doing this in the winter. like most have said the first 5km was very easy though, basically just a stroll.

8 months ago

We snowshoed along this trail yesterday - the snow is not too deep but they helped on a couple of steeper parts on the back loop. The river walk has a nice view and the view at the top is great. The canyon itself is definitely worth doing - we went counterclockwise up the hill and would recommend going that way.

10 months ago

Snow covered, as to be expected this time of year. Snowshoes/crampons not necessary just yet.

11 months ago

More of a walk than a hike, but well worth it non the less. Bikes would be great for this as the trail is paved.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sundance Canyon was a decent trail to hike. Wasn't real difficult to get through other than the relentless mosquitos that terrorize you from the moment you enter the paved part of the trail till the moment you got back to the parking lot.
The view from the "lookout" at the top was fantastic.
Along the way, we came across some fresh bear track and fresh scat in the middle of the trail.
Over all it was a good experience.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

We biked up the paved trail to the beginning of the hike. You can lock your bikes at the end of the paved path. This year for some reason there were a LOT of mosquitoes. It was crazy! You have to bring bug spray, each of us got like 30 mosquito bites. Otherwise it's a nice little hike with some waterfalls and bridges.

Friday, July 07, 2017

As soon as you're off the concrete path it is beautiful! The waterfall just creeps up on you. Go up over both little bridges for a spectacular view. If you're not into running or walking it'd be a very easy bike ride up and the bike can be chained to a bike rack at the end of the concrete path. Easy trail with a beautiful beautiful end! I went before 9am and was the only one there. Much nicer than Johnson canyon which was quite crowded.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

We biked the paved part leading up to the trail, then the first incline part of the trail is great, bridges, the mini water falls. Trail is narrow in sections so watch your step. Second half is fairly easy downhill through the woods. Biking back down the paved part is the best it's all downhill to the cave basin parking!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

First 5km are paved (boring). The loop at the end of the pavement is great and not crowded (on a Tuesday). Recommend that you ride a bike to end of pavement and then hike the loop, riding back after.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nice hike within close proximity to the Banff townsite. The first couple of km is an asphalt pathway heading West from the Cave & Basin. The nicest part of the hike definitely starts at the end of the asphalt, where the trail heads off into the trees and follows the creek up the mountain. Beautiful creek, waterfalls and views of the Banff/Bow river valley. Overall, a nice quick afternoon hike.

Friday, June 09, 2017

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