Photos of Roche de Miette Scramble

6.4 miles
4,074 feet



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5 months ago

The was a fantastic day hike. Heavy on the DAY the hike took us 8.5 hours total with breaks and exploring the summit. 6.25 hours moving. It was pretty smoky due to the BC forest fires so visibility at the summit was minimal.

The hike up was pretty gruelling as there is such a gain in elevation but exposure was VERY minimal. Once you get out of the forest the varieties of rock are beautiful. When you make it up to the Scramble there are a few things you should know.

1. Helmets are a MUST. Tons of loose rock and boulders, don’t chance it protect your melon.

2. Make sure you leave ample space between you and any other hiker. I wouldn’t recommend large groups as the rocks can fly pretty far.

3. A really nice person has marked the path with rocks that they have tied pink flag tape to. Keep an eye out for them as they will give you an idea for the easiest way up.

4. Bring lots of water. I brought 3L and almost drank the whole thing by the time we got to the bottom.

5. The summit is worth it, at the true summit there is a rock pile with a large stick in the middle. There is a book to write your name in hidden inside.

6. The descent can be pretty tiring. It’s fun coming back down the Scramble and sliding on the skree. Be prepared to be a little tired.

Overall I would say the Scramble and summit aren’t that crazy but you should have some experience with hiking and scrambling before you attempt. What makes this one difficult is the elevation change. It’s one for the books and we will be back to do it again!