Mount Temple is a 14.3 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Improvement District No. 9, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until September.

14.3 km
1,670 m
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1 month ago

Date : 8th of September
Time: 8.30am at the Moraine gate, gate opens 8.45am.
Group of 5 amateur hikers

At this time of the year I would recommend using poles, helmet and cleats. We did it without any of those and it was rather risky. My boyfriend and his team did it earlier without any equipment around July and it was much easier.

Bring dry socks and good company!

1 month ago

Very good.

I did it on august 30th. I only had shoes, which was a really bad idea. There was snow over my knees and my big toe nail became blue after the hike because it was too cold. But with gloves and good boots it is a really good hike. I love how different was the environment all the way up.

1 month ago

This hike is a beast and so worth it on the top. The distance is definitely closer to 11 mi/19 km. The elevation at the top poses some altitude sickness threat depending on where you are coming from when traveling. There are so many opportunities to fall, especially on weak legs. Poles are a MUST. Boots/shoes you are comfortable in as it will beat your feet on the way down. We didn’t wear helmets but we weren’t below many hikers that could kick down rocks. If you don’t know who is above you you’ll want helmets. DON’T WALK ON THE CORNICES UP TOP. We saw one fall. Bare minimum three liters of water. I had two and was suffering until some friends bailed me out. Bring electrolytes and salty snacks with nutritional benefits.

2 months ago

Found this to be insanely difficult, took about 10 hours round trip. We did not use any equipment but I would recommend a helmet and poles, lots of water and food.
Also It is more like 19km
once you get past sentinel Pass the trail begins, and becomes real very quick. Also it is very cold at the top, even in 30 degree august heat.

2 months ago

Finally checked it off the bucket list on Sunday. Left Calgary at 4am and got to the road to Moraine Lake at 6:20am. Parking lot was already full so I recommend going a little earlier. We waited an hour and finally got in! This hike is tough but so worth it. Plan for a long day, equipment is not necessary but will definitely help and be more safe. Happy hiking!

2 months ago

Oh, and not sure about the posted distance...we had 19.05 km on two separate Garmin watches, from the Morraine Lake parking lot to the summit and back.

2 months ago

Johnny Hiker nailed it! Challenging both up and down. The views are stupendous and start from the beginning. Relentless scree-covered rock demands constant attention, but vertical gains are quick and steady. This is a very real mountain, and very popular. Lots of cairns to guide your way, and lots of alternate paths, but only one easier though the rock band. Prepare for a BIG day, and be careful even coming down on tired legs and rocky trail right to the end. A solid 5 out of 5!

2 months ago

This trail is a killer. The first section up through Sentinel Pass is a nice uphill walk. Then, it gets real. The scree is really tough. There was a lot of sliding and falling. The rewards are great, but getting down is not the easiest.

2 months ago

amazing views from top

2 months ago

Best hike I've done in Alberta, by far. As other folks mentionned, you must be prepared to face a good scramble once you're past Sentinel, as lots of loose rocks and steeper sections lay ahead. A climbing helmet and warm clothes are a definitive must, but hell it is worth the spectacular view on top!

3 months ago

A bit of snow to contend with that's turning into slush as the temperature goes up in the afternoon. Great hike and so much fun.

3 months ago

The best hike I’ve ever done!!

3 months ago

Bummed we couldnt attempt the summit because of the conditions but, incredible sights left and right.

Can get slippery at sentinel pass with the left over snow melting under the sun.

4 months ago

Looking for some advice....I am planning on doing this hike in two weeks (June 11). Wondering if I will need any equipment near the top or is it just a hike/scramble to the top at this time. I was told in the spring I should have ice axe and crampons. Is this needed in June? Thanks.

5 months ago

This hike is AWESOME! It shouldn’t be this easy to bag an 11,000+ ft summit. I mean, it’s not “easy” but aside from the step, there is hardly any scrambling. The 360° views of the Lake Louise valley are simply breathtaking, views that are usually reserved for condors and light aircraft. But I’d strongly advise anyone to read Parks Canada’s brochure on hiking Mt Temple. Follow the route markers, stay on the trail and you’ll have a glorious day.

5 months ago

best hike in the Rockies! I've summited 3 times. the glacier lakes, beautiful meadow, and stunning view from 12000ft is unbeatable. plan for it usually 1st 3 weeks in august, has to be sunny. even if you're unable to summit because of weather you can usually get to sentinel pass, still a worthwhile hike

6 months ago

It's amazing, do it! But go prepare with the description for the scramble. We didn't know about it and met some folk at sentinel pass going up, so we tagged along. They didn't really know where they were going so we had to head back 1/3 of the way. I'll try it again next time, but I'll be the one with the direction!

10 months ago

Completed the scramble to the summit at the end of September. We were very lucky that not many were attempting the summit at this time of the year, as this scramble can get very busy. There are rock hazards so after the pass, a helmet is needed, especially when busy. While we did not use them, would recommend bringing crampons (or atleast spikes/cleats) as well as an ice axe as the final approach to the summit can have snow and ice all year round. While you need to have good fitness to reach the summit in a reasonable time, never anything more than easy and some moderate scrambling at the crux.

11 months ago

I have to go back to this one as it kicked my ass so hard. But even though I didn't reach the summit, easily some of the most breath taking views.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


This was my absolute favorite hike ever. Honestly I struggle to find the words for how breathtaking the summit truly is.

Get to the parking lot early. I’m talking before 6 AM because it fills up extremely fast. The trailhead had quite a few people on it first thing in the morning but was thinned out by the time I reached The Valley of 10 Peaks. I passed quite a few people on my way to the summit. Many parties turned around after the initial pass for whatever reasons.

This summit is no joke. In the middle of August there was serious snow and ice for most of my ascent. Totally worth every breath.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Oct 9, 2017 - hard hard hard ... had snow and ice ... but awesome!!

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Definitely the most difficult hike I've ever done, but well worth it! Near the top it gets pretty tiring, especially for someone like me who was at sea level a few days before my hike. I would highly recommend walking sticks, as the hike back down is pretty difficult without them (I learned the hard way). Don't miss this hike if you're in Banff! Also, one thing to note: the description for this trail says that it is dog friendly, which is true up until you get to sentinel pass. After that, there's no way you're getting a dog up the mountain. There isn't a we'll defined trail and you have to do a bit of rock climbing at certain points.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Truly incredible views at the top.. one of the hardest trails I've ever done! First 4km are pretty easy.. then it's a scramble and super steep to reach the summit.. a bit hard to follow the yellow ribbons and the cairns , some sections of climbing up boulders

Completely worth it at the top!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The hardest hike I have done this year. Gentle start through Larch Valley, climb the switch backs to Sentinel Pass. Then the real climb begins, not too technical. the crux wasn't bad to get past. 11,000 feet at the summit and my legs felt it. Hard workout on the quads coming down. Views at the top were amazing even with the wildfire smoke in the area. Busy trail (probably 20-30 people at the summit on the day we climbed).

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

On emprunte d'abord le sentier de la vallée Larch, puis le col du sentinel. Ces deux sentiers sont tout à fait accessibles (deux bonnes montées cependant). Ensuite, il n'y a plus vraiment de sentier, très peu de balises et la montée du Mont Temple est difficile. Elle se fait dans des roches, peu stables (attention aux chutes de pierres). Il faut être bien préparés pour l'ascension. On a fait les 3/4 de la randonnée car ensuite c'est de l'escalade. On a du arrêter l'ascension car nous avons grimpés avec notre chien et il avait oublier son casque, donc pas d'escalade pour lui. On est redescendu par le "sentier" le plus à droite de la carte. La vue est magnifique tout le long!!

Monday, August 07, 2017

Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass are the perfect warm up before to start Mount Temple.
Be ready for loose rocks! The crux is the most technical part but being two people is very helpful.
The view at the summit is the best I had after spending 10 days hiking in the region. We made it in 8hours round trip (3:30 to the top) with two food breaks and tons of pictures break!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Long and constant climb but totally worth it! Always stick left when going up. Look for the yellow/red tape and cairns. My best advice, when you get to the chimney section take the tight one on the left instead of the blue/yellow alpine marker on the right. Poles and helmets will go a long way! Took us 10 hours round trip with close to an hour on the summit.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Anyone is interested to do this hike on September 2nd, 2017 first time in the morning (6:30/700 am) ?
I'll be alone doing this hike and need 3 more hikers...
Thanks :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lots of climbing.

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