Photos of Gunnery Mountain

Distance: 5.4 miles Elevation Gain: 2,129 feet Route Type: Loop




over grown



8 days ago

Overall this was a pretty decent hike. The trail was quite snowy for the majority of it but luckily someone else did the hike this morning ahead of us and broke trail. Thanks again! It was a pretty steady incline the whole way up, and we ended up coming down the same way we ascended due to the super deep snow. The trail was difficult to decipher (though the footprints in the snow helped) and there were orange tags that also helped. I built a small cairn by the trailhead so hopefully it will be easier to find for others in the future. Nothing too technical about this hike, just a steady grind upwards and pretty windy for a lot of it. Took about 3 hours round trip. I’d recommend spikes and/or snowshoes and a windbreaker this time of year.

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