Grizzly Peak Trail is a 5.6 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.6 km
875 m
Out & Back

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While this hike is very fun and super beautiful, it is pretty dangerous as the trails are hard to follow - lots looking like trails but are animal corridors. It is a steady scramble off trail to the top with some free climbing which is not for the faint hearted. It is mostly a hike but you can scramble on some slabs if you go a bit off trail. Going towards the top it is more fun to shoot the gully to climb a bit of rock rather than traveling on the standard trail. However this is not recommended for return. On the way back down, there is an obvious trail leading around the scree/rock sections, but it is an awesome scree run with no large rocks and steep enough that you can gain some speed. Be considerate of people above you because you will generate a lot of dust.

1 month ago

Excellent hike. A steady grind from the start with some flatter sections throughout. Expect conditions to change quickly at or near the top. Bring some crampons too if attempting in late fall. Great views from the top! That is the half you need to know...and knowing is half the battle. GI Joe!!

2 months ago

This is an awesome hike with beautiful views. It's a hell of a leg burning workout. The trails are not hard to follow, you just need to be careful as it is very steep.....have fun hikers.....

2 months ago

Awesome hike beautiful ridge beautiful views

3 months ago

Was a cute leg burner. Got up to the top no problem but got lost on one of those infamous animal trails and got caught in some pretty bad smoke and had to climb down to the creek to get down. Pay attention to the right trails on this one but if you get lost CAREFULLY head down to the creek and it'll lead you right back to your car. Some cute scree on this one too.
Stay safe fellow hikers

3 months ago

Hard trail but the views are worth it. Easy to get lost of take a game trail instead of the intended path, you'll need proper gear and to be able to do some free climbing on some sections especially on the last quarter of the way up.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike. Burns the legs right out and rewards you with spectacular 360 views. Highly recommend!

3 months ago

Definitely a leg burner, but over all technically a pretty easy* hike. Having good cardio was essential because it was a Grind! The views are absolutely and worth the calorie burn. Tonnes of mountain flowers, green meadows, a band of mountain goats (~20) and amazing mountain views from the top. Great view of old Fortress ski resort.

*This hike can easily turn into a moderate scramble, I ended up bouldering / climbing a bit because of a wrong turn on the way down before reconnecting with the trail.

A few notes for future hikers (just a few things I saw on the trail).
- Wear hiking boots, anyone wearing sneakers struggled significantly on the descent and with some of the steeper ascents.
- If you are confident / competent enough, you can scree ski down the top slopes, you just need to find a good section on the skiers right
- pay attention to the trail and where it goes haha, you can get into trouble really fast.
- bring bug spray

3 months ago

The most intense one I ever been! But so still very beautiful!

3 months ago

Amazing views throughout. Lots of flowers, loved the different terrain. Most parts were steep and had loose rocks, but it was definalty worth it. Took us 5 hours round trip with probably an hour worth of breaks in between.

3 months ago

This is such a short hike in comparison to others but it took me so long...the math really doesn't make sense. I must have gotten lost in some sort of time-pausing wormhole because it's the only explanation. The views are so so so beautiful and it's pretty under trafficked so you might get the summit to yourself but it's a steep trek to get there. Nothing dangerous except for a small cliff face which I would summarize as meh. The people who said its peanuts for anyone in decent shape though must be Dwayne Johnson clones because the elevation over that short distance makes it a steep momma. Lots of goats stared and judged me for being bad at hiking. One was a dick and kicked a gigantic 10lb boulder down the hill at me. Its ok though, it didn't hit me despite how slow and dead I was at that point. Stupid goat. There is also one part that I named fly city....I mean really the entire thing is fly city, but there is one part in particular where they are so sav. They kept swarming into my sports bra and dying in pools of sweat. So disturbing but yet I stopped caring after a while. That's what this hike did to me. It made me stop caring about having dead fly's swimming in my sweat since I was too busy whining and getting sunburnt. Don't ask me why I wore shorts and then socks pulled up high, I have lots of bug bites and my legs look weird now. On the way down I realized just how steep this B really is and was so happy I brought poles, I'm proud of myself for doing it though. All in all I got some cool photos and have now legally changed my name to mutant mass Mindy. I recommend it but bring bear spray, bug spray, whatever other kinds of spray you want, sunscreen, a good attitude, Bear Grylls route finding skills (I went off trail once and was doing goat things on the side of a mountain), and lots of water. Bye for now, happy hiking friends!

3 months ago

Tough hike but worth it for the views.
Easy to lose trail on the way down due to animal corridors. Poles and bear spray recommended.

4 months ago

Amazing views of the Opal Range

4 months ago

Hiked May 2018

Loved this hike! The views just kept getting better and better as we came around the side of the mountain. The hike is moderate, there was just the one ‘cliff face’ and it wasn’t very gnarly. It can get pretty windy on the saddle but it was very calm at the summit.
Make sure you tick check - two of us discovered ticks during and after the hike.

4 months ago

Defiantly a lung buster, hiking poles helped on the way down indeed, great views at top

4 months ago

I'm sure if you stay on trail this is a relatively tame hike. Personally, I had no problem following the animal trails to some scrambling of cliff bands, but without prior experience this would be nerve racking.
Went with a solid group and we got lost both coming up and going down, even when we thought we were being extremely careful, so I would recommend consulting a GPS trail for this hike!
We were on trail for the last ascent to the col, which was quite steep though the rock was soft. Once at the beautiful meadow of a col, it was an 11 minute push to the summit - which is amazing! Beautiful views of Evan-Thomas and the meadow, as well as Mount Lawson across the highway. The summit ridge is relatively thick, so it is not overwhelmingly scary, yet still impressive.
Overall, a wonderful hike with tons of grass and wildlife - we spotted a coyote on the way down! The only difficulty was staying on trail during the middle section of the hike, and getting lost can take away from the experience if you aren't prepared!

4 months ago

Completed this hike on Canada Day - Gorgeous views but definitely not nearly as difficult as some of the reviews below would suggest. I would say this one is easy for anyone in decent shape and with some hiking experience. Practically impossible to lose the trail on the way up. During the descent wildlife paths may throw you off, added a little excitement whilst making our way back to the trail. 4 hour trip with plenty of breaks and lunch part way down.

5 months ago

Done this Saturday. Beautiful hike with lots of good views. Some parts are really steep but definitely worth the climb. Some experience in scrambling is preferential for that trail for some passings. However only for one or two transitions. I was early morning on the peak and had plenty of wildlife encounter on the way up. Make sure to bring proper gear.

6 months ago

While this hike was very fun, and super beautiful. It was pretty dangerous, the trails are hard to follow - lots looking like trails but are animal corridors. It was a steady scramble off trail to the top with some free climbing which was amazing but not for the faint hearted. The way down was much more dangerous as we again were following what we thought was the trail and got stuck having to slide down the scree of the canyon to follow the water back which had us right beside a freshly eaten goat. I would definitely suggest this but make sure you confirm the route and follow the map to and from.

10 months ago

Completed this one in september, mostly a hike but you can sramble on some slabs if you go a bit off trail. Going towards the top it is more fun to shoot the gully to climb a bit of rock rather than travelling on the standard trail. However this is not recommended for return. On the way back down, there is an obvious trail leading around the scree/rock sections, but it is an awesome scree run with no large rocks and steep enough that you can gain some speed. By far the scree run was the most fun part, but be considerate of people above you because you will generate a lot of dust.

Monday, October 09, 2017

What an action-packed hike, I decided to pursue the peak on my own because I had originally took two friends to conquer grizzly Peak the week before. We gave up a quarter of the way up because my friend was sick. This time was a solo mission, on the way up I heard some loud human noises, at first I thought it was some hikers being noisy to deter any dangerous wildlife, but then I heard a distinct call for help. I scanned the landscape to find any sort of shape that would resemble a human being. Then I saw some movement about 300 m down the slope, I shouted back to let him know that I was coming to help. He was quite far off trail and had been lost for about an hour, he wanted to get a Headstart on his friends who were more experienced hikers. He was so happy with me that he took my picture so that he could show his kids the man that saved his life, I bashfully accepted. I continued my track running into three different groups of hikers, all of them dressed appropriately for the hike comparatively to me in my low-quality Nike sneakers and " clubwear as my friends would say" I like the ninja like capabilities and that this sort of footwear has, although it tends to perform at a low level when you are hiking through Mud. There was a moment on this hike that gave me a feeling of total bliss, the scenery is absolutely of some of the finest that I've ever seen, I've been all around the world and seen some of the most beautiful places in this hike has some very special places. I wish that I made it to the top, I got confused about 83.6% of the final destination, I intend to go back and conquer the peak. I am by no means in advance hiker, but I'm a combination of brave and dumb, and have had experienced hikers bring me on some pretty gnarly trails in the past including crows nest mountain. It is easy to lose the trail, but if you're like me don't freak out you will find it if you just relax and search up and down the land scape.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

A great short hike with better views than I expected! It's a really steep climb. The back side of the mountain was snowy and it caused quite a few slips coming down.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Short, but Steep. Looking back at my track recording, I did deviate from the original course on the way down, but I wasn't off by much. Trekking poles will help on the way down, till you hit the rock scrambling section, then they get in the way. There was 5 Mountain sheep right next to the trail. If you look closely, you might find some seashell fossils in the black scree right before the plateau.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Meh hike. Steep. Nice views. I agree with other reviewers that the trail gets confusing on the descent. I think that one is a one and done for me.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Loved it!!! its longer than it seems, we traced about 7.7 Km, only hard part was the scramble closer to the top. Be careful on the way down, theres lots of trials leading in all directions, try to get to the face of the mountain -infront of the highway, turned in to soon and had some exposure climbing down!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Straight up yo!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Challenging hike. We recorded it much longer then what's posted but maybe we took the wrong trails? Closer to 11km out and back.

Tough hike but the summit is worth it. Views are breathtaking.

There's a beautiful meadow we had lunch at before the final stretch to the peak.

Loved this hike. Would definitely recommend !

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Very steep and some scrambling at one point. Somehow my dog made it up with me, but I wouldn't recommend bringing dogs. One of the most rewarding hikes I have been on.

Only downside is the trail is hard to find from the road.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beautiful view! Soo worth the climb in. It was very smokey but it made for some cool silhouettes of the mountains. I wouldn't suggest doing it with a dog. We had to carry our dog down most of the way.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Really steep, good workout and worth it for the views.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Consistently steep trail that offers a lot of variety of terrain. The views are great throughout, especially once you get up to the meadow and ridge. It can be challenging right before that ridge due to the scree you have to scramble up. When you're going up, look to the right for the trail that takes you to the ridge. Don't trek the scree all the way to the top. Coming back down there's a part where we went down a different trail than we took up, I don't know if it's been washed out a bit but we missed it. However it's easy enough to see where you need to go.

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