East End Of Rundle (Eeor)

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East End Of Rundle (Eeor) is a 5.8 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Canmore, Alberta, Canada that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from May until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.8 km
870 m
Out & Back

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11 hours ago

Nice, relatively easy scramble through the forest opens up to a rocky, loose and steep climb up to the meadow. Then the route splits into two final ascent options, I followed the route posted and went right, ended up on a steep, exposed scramble up to the very top. On the way down I took the better (safer) route down. I recommend people to take the left hand route unless you are keen for a potentially frightening scrambling experience!

5 days ago

July 17, 2018

11 days ago

Great trail. If you push right at the beginning of the trail you get to have a more challenging start with a scramble with some climbing which gets up in elevation faster. Took us 2 h to get to the top and an hour down. Great view overall

14 days ago

good scramble. super easy to get lost on the way down so try and bring a map. it took us 1.5 hours up and 2.5 down (we got pretty lost) overall great hike!

15 days ago

Breathtaking views but very, very easy to lose the trail on the way back down. We got incredibly lost in the scree near the top and it took us hours to find our way, with the sun going down - just pay attention on the way up, and your descent will be much easier.

15 days ago

Definitely one of the most challenging hike. Most part was scrambling. Last 1/4th gets very challenging. Getting down was very tricky and scary at couple of spots. Poles help to a great extent!

16 days ago

It was a great hike. Going up was fine, we followed the blue squares. There was a lot of scramble and scree on our way up so I'd definitely recommend poles and good grippy shoes. I felt that I had the best luck holding onto the rock "wall" on the way up to the actual summit.

Unfortunately on the way down we got completely off trail and went bushwacking and ended up taking almost 8.5 hours (including snacks at the top). Definitely go back the way you came!! We saw others coming up via the left ish side so we went there on the way down but ended up off trail.

I will have to attempt it again.

17 days ago

Easy hike, beautiful sceneries and very close from canmore

18 days ago

Hands down, best hike I have ever been on! From the beginning to end was just amazing! Definitely wear proper shoes! There is no wrong way to go up or down this mountain, but try to stay on the trails.

21 days ago

I thought this hike was a ton of fun. My friend and I did it and I would consider us both to be novice hikers. I would say that we are both in moderate shape, and we did not find it to be terribly difficult physically, but you NEED proper shoes. We didn't have hiking poles but I would definitely recommend those, especially for the way down as other people have said. On the scramble up to the summit, keep your head up for falling rock, especially if you go later in the day when there are more people coming down. We actually watched a bolder fall and almost hit someone. But... do it! Go all the way up! It's worth it, 10/10 recommend. I'll do it again.

21 days ago

Good hike! A bit harder than Halin. Hiking poles and gloves will help!

Good hike, up to the false summit it is comparable to ha ling (a bit harder maybe). But if you want to go all the way up this is a good scramble. Not an easy one though I would not advise this hike for beginners.

22 days ago

Found the hike very boring tho the views at the end is great. Def a harder hike. Did it once and won’t do again tho.

23 days ago

Definitely got our workout in, but excellent views. Would do again.

24 days ago

By no means would I call this hike easy, but it certainly isn't the most difficult trail either. As others have mentioned the blue squares on the rocks are very helpful for the first 3/4 of the hike.
Although you seem to lose them just before reaching the long meadow. My partner and I did not use poles and nor do we think they were necessary for this hike. However good grippy shoes are highly recommended, especially for the summit.

Most of the trail is open, so lots of water is necessary, as we both we through ours rather quickly. The scramble/climb to the summit was honestly the most difficult part of this trail, and it is suggested you stick to the wall as the footing is best, and at least you have something to grab onto. It is rather steep, but the views make it so worthwhile! If you're not wiling to summit, the views from the meadow, are also breathtaking. We didn't find the trail too busy, even with a later start, but probably better too early especially if its a hot day.

27 days ago

Awesome! Really easy hike! Totally different views from Ha Ling, considering the north end

28 days ago

Great view at the top

28 days ago

Weather was perfect, views were awesome. Start early, you’ll feell alone on top. Trail could be more well marked. Do not hesitate to walk last meters to the top!

29 days ago

Great hike! Definitely a more moderate hike but easy beginner scramble!!

29 days ago

Great hike with a lot of variety in terrain. Beautiful views, a sort of meadow/grassy area just before the rock and scree on the way to the summit. For the last stretch might be easier to put away hiking poles for the scramble, but poles really help on the way down. Cold and windy at the top so be sure to bring warm layers. We started late and got to top around 1630 hrs. Had some light rain and temperature up there was only 7-8 Celsius.
We went same day as John Harris below, on Saturday July 21 and he describes the traffic jam due to construction just before the trailhead. It is faster when you leave than when arriving but be prepared to wait a while.

29 days ago

Great hike up East Rundle today. Starts steep through the forest, next are some rock formations that are pretty easy to navigate, watch for the blue markers and cairns. Watch your lines, there are a lot of paths and some are easier than others. Above the tree line you hit the flat, a good place for a refuel before the summit approach. The scree starts early and hits a single switchback before heading the summit. Use the larger rocks on the side of the smooth trail for better footing, same on the decent. After the switchback, I liked the line next to the large wall, decently wide and a few hand holds to steady on. The summit is a wide platform with steep departures off three sides, watch your footing.
Carried a few bars, 3L of water (went through 2), light down jacket (used on summit and back the the flats on the decent), rain shell (didn’t use), battery backup and phone. Had shorts, T-shirt and trail runners on with no problem. Need shoes that have some tread, smooth bottom runners will make the scree portion difficult.

NOTE: One mile before parking lot the road is closed to one lane for construction. There was a timed light on each side of the construction that added ~30min each way.

Up and down in 3:30 at a decent pace. Was at the trailhead at 12 - not ideal as the weather and wind rolled in the last 30min on the decent. Will start much earlier next time.

1 month ago

Awesome hike on the way up. Steep and challenging, but well worth the trek once you reach the top. The only issue I had with this hike was on the way down. What looked to be a path was definitely NOT one. It led me off trail and into the forest for some bushwhacking. Luckily, I managed to get to a road and found myself a couple of kilometres from the EEOR parking lot. Important note: as you are descending, stay left!

1 month ago

First time up EEOR this morning. Amazing day, no wind and no clouds. Very well marked with blue squares all the way up. Challenging climb with some scrambles but overall very doable for a novice like myself. Can’t wait to get out again.

1 month ago

Did this hike today with some of my friends. Going up we ended up off the main trail. Lots of exposed rock so make sure you wear shoes with lots of grip. On our way down the main trail we realized that the trail is marked with blue squares painted on the rocks. Look out for those along the way and enjoy the scramble! Amazing views of Haling Peak. :)

1 month ago

Very difficult hike. Lots of exposed rocks on the trail. Very uneven track. The hike isn’t marked well so be careful. Extreme incline the entire way. Not recommended for novice hikers. Amazing scenic views!!

1 month ago

2nd time on this trail (1st time to summit) and totally understand how easy it is to get lost as that happened to us the 1st time. Went early afternoon Saturday and was really windy up to the meadow then the weather settled for our summit. From the meadow up the rock scree before the scramble to the summit is the most challenging and I had several freak outs and wanted to turn around but with the encouragement of other hikers I made it. The top was so beautiful with a nice level spot for a break and pics. The sign in book at the top I read about was gone although the metal container is there (so whoever is reading this please take another book and pen up). I had to do some of the descent in a crab walk as it is very steep but by this time I was well over embarrassing myself. If my 51 year old fear of falling self can make this hike then you can too! And kudos to all you who post this hike took you under 4 hrs, took me 6 and I am standing proud!

1 month ago

Got lost on the way up so I recommend going with someone who's done it before. Very cold this morning at the summit (hail and lots of wind) and even had to put my gloves and beanie on. Amazing views! Next time I think I'll keep going over to Rundle 7.

1 month ago

If this is the first time you are going, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND going during the busier hours (noon) so that way you can follow others up the mountain and keep on the path or going with a partner who has done the trail before..

I would consider myself a novice and this was super challenging. I started early to beat the crowds and quickly got lost from the trail and ended up scrambling/free styling my whole way up for 2 hours. I found a couple other hikers who made the same mistake and were lost. When you get to the "top", most people stop at the meadow and consider that the summit, it is not, nonetheless it is a fantastic view. If you scramble 30 minutes higher you can get right onto the peak! Totally worth it! Make sure to pack lots of snacks, water and an extra sweater (super cold wind up top).

As far as parking, when you see the Whitemans Pond, pass the first parking lot in front of it and park in the second little one. If you keep going there is a third parking lot with bathrooms but you will have to walk a lot further to the head of the trail.

It took me 2 hours from the parking lot to the very tip top of the mountains and then another hour and a half down.

To me was a hard one but worth it. Got very busy in the afternoon while going back down but other than that it was a great hike! Took us 4h.

1 month ago


I was going to start at 4 am but I met some people at 130 so I went with them instead

I hustled to get some things together;
I put on leggings, a cotton long sleeve, a light down jacket, and a hat.
I grabbed four cliff bars, my camera, and a water bottle.
I have never been more unprepared for the cold like it was.
We Summitted the mountain at 4:07 with the sun rise to start at 5:30 but it having to make it over the mountains in front. This was so special and beautiful - it gradually turned colors as we waited. We waited long in the wind and what felt like ice, I was so stiff and cold and shivering so bad that it was like a seizure - I was afraid of loosing feeling in my hands and legs, it didn’t help that I got two hours of sleep, but these people have been awake for a solid 22 hours.
I wouldn’t change a thing

Do it do it do it

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