Black Rock Mountain

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Black Rock Mountain is a 7.1 mile out and back trail located near Bighorn No 8, Alberta, Canada that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

7.1 miles
3467 feet
Out & Back




2 days ago

great hike once you find the trail head.

10 days ago

I took my 6 month old pup on this hike and he lead the whole way. I had to carry him over the stream which was kind of nerve wracking. Be prepared for stronger currents and higher water (almost waist high) on the way back. No way will you get your truck through the stream. Don't even attempt it. First 65% of the hike was a breeze through the forest. Once you're out of the forest is where the challenge begins. Loose rocks and high winds, mixed with steep incline make the last %35 a moderate to hard hike. Once you think you're near the top another peak pops up. Definitely one of the more challenging hikes I've been on. But also one of the most rewarding once you get to the look out at the top. Follow the tree line along the rocks to find the start of the trail.

17 days ago

Be prepared to take your boots off to cross the river, unless you have a vehicle that can cross a couple feet depth of water! The GPS on the app was very helpful for finding the trailhead. Elevation gain is steady through the forest with beautiful views through the trees. Half the distance is completed by the time you get to the treeline. Then the scramble begins. Once you think you're close, its over another ridge. The very last scramble looks worse from a distance than it truly is. The view of Devils Head and Ghost River makes it all worth it! There is a small unused fire lookout to hide from the wind and have lunch. Poles recommended for the descent!

18 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike. Once you get to river pad, leave your car (unless you drive a truck or SUV) cross the bridge and and go or drive up the stream for abou 2.6-3 km. Once the road ends (there is a road on the river pad, since river path has changed after 2013 flooding) cross the river by foot and you will find a road that will lead to and old river pad. Once you cross it you will find trail head. I uploaded photo with full trail from the bridge.

24 days ago

Absolutely a challenging trail but... we did it. The weather was perfect for the hike/climb. Highly recommended to have good mountaineering shoes. Can be slippery on the loose rocks and mud. But it's worth it.

25 days ago

Love this trail. Due to the flooding in 2013, we had a hard time driving to the right location but we got there eventually. Three of us took a leisurely day on the mountain just enjoying the time together and appreciating what we have so close to home.

Didn't quite make the summit. One of us is scared of heights and couldn't make it through the crux. So close but it wasn't worth the risk of an anxiety attack to continue.

Overall a great day and one of my favourite places to go.

1 month ago

A little hard to find the trail head but with the help of some friendly campers and fellow hikers I found the way. First time using the app so I didn't realize you could use the map to compare your route to someone else's even without service. Do not follow my exact map I was all over the place at times, but a great hike with an awesome view!

1 month ago

We did struggle to find the trail head, because the sign was broken and knocked down. So here are the coordinates if it helps anyone. I was on an iPhone, so I am hoping this is correct.

Longitude -115.1646
Latitude 51.3055

mountain biking
2 months ago

25 March 2017 --- We came up yesterday with our mountain bikes. I am so freaking tired, ended up leaving my bike just right above the tree line :-) then hiked it up. View is so beautiful and windy as usual up there. Don't forget to bring a windproof jacket and a soft or thin down jacket, of course, with a thin base layer. Yes, this is for hikers with some hours of hiking experience. There's always an exception when it comes to outdoor activities, either you're strong and fit or not so, do it slowly BUT start early. :-) Unless you already had setup a tent in a campground down there, you can spend the rest of the day until sunset, don't forget to bring your headlights. For the trail condition from yesterday and probably for the next 3 to 5 days, about from 5 to 30cm of snow most part from the trail head up to the tree line, as long as no more snow. For sure, 2L of water and a bottle of energy drink plus bars would do. But it is always nice to bring stove and tea bags up there and have a little picnic. I brought a piece of banana, 3L of water (no energy drink), a bag of salted crackers and a small can of liver spread.
As others have mentioned about before the trail head, 4x4 is definitely the vehicle you need else you're gonna take a hike to the trail head from the township road 270.
See some photos I uploaded.

7 months ago

8 months ago

9 months ago

9 months ago

Amazing hike, and the views are out of this world!

9 months ago

Friday, March 25, 2016

I don't know if I would rate this as EASY... definitely the most challenging hike I've done, and the most rewarding! My friend stopped about 3/4 up the mountain... keep going! The top will take your breath away.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One of the best hikes I've ever done. the trail head is a little hard to find. You definitely need a 4x4 to reach it. the trail head is across the river bed.
once you find this. it's about a 5 hour return. The views are to die for!

Once you get out of the trees, it's constant beauty.
To get to the lookout point, this is where the elevation increases quickly.

definitely worth the hike