Zabugh Spitakajur MTB is a 88.8 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Khndziresk, Kotayk', Armenia and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking.

88.8 km
1,917 m
Out & Back

mountain biking

Zabugh, Spitakajur and Stepanakert Bike trail description The trail starts from the historic land of Armenia Artsakh, more exactly from Zabugh village. It passes near the unbelievable beautiful waterfall Spitakavor, then it continues up to 2210 m altitude summit where the panorama to Spitakajur waterfall opens. Flora The flora has a big variety in the southern part of Armenia. These parts of the country are semi-forested and semi-mountainous, where bikers can meet 40 types of trees, 180 types of herbs and 18 types of rare endemic plants. Fauna In the forests bikers can meet wolves, bears, snakes and even endemic turtles very often. Moreover, it is possible to see the eagles in the mountainous part of the historic land. Safety and security The mobile connections of Ucom and Viva Cell-MTS functions without interruptions. In case of emergency, call 911 or 112. Be aware of leashed-off dogs in the villages. Trail technical parameters Best period: June-October Distance: 279 km from Yerevan Duration: 4 hours 50 min Bike trail length: 89 km Ride duration: 8-9 hours Altitude from the see level: 860-2210 m Take bottled water with you How to reach to the trail First of all, the bikers must reach to Syunik province by car, then start riding. Please, use taxi service with taximeters.