Janapar Trail: Togh to Azokh

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Janapar Trail: Togh to Azokh is a 14.6 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Togh, Xocavənd, Azerbaijan that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options.

14.6 km
514 m
Point to Point




nature trips



wild flowers


From historic Togh village you ascend to Gtichavank Monastery on a beautiful mountain, then to Azokh Village and cave. There are two marked trails from Togh to Gtichavank, and from there just one takes you over to Azokh and Mets Taghlar. Take the trail starting from the north end of Togh Village. At the north end of the village, you can head up a road towards the cemetery, where the real trail begins. Ask the villagers for the gerezmanots to find the trail-head. The trail markings begin at 46.9637866,39.5904183, and the actual trail at 46.9622349,39.5905200. When you are on the hillside above the cemetery, you follow the marked trail along the cemetery fence to the northwest and away from the village. You continue along this clearing for 5 minutes before entering the forest. In the beginning part of the trail the forest is scrubbier and denser, but it will gradually open up into grand, open forest, with towering beech trees and a light green undergrowth. There are only one or two forks on this entire section of the trail, and they are well marked. You will eventually hit the first road since leaving the village, and that is the road to Gtichavank. You turn left onto that road and head up to Gtichavank monastery, which is only 5 minutes up the road. After spending time exploring Gtichavank Monastery, you head back down the same road you went up! Ignore the markings pointing left, as those will take you back to Togh, which you only want if you are doing the Togh loop trail. Head down the road, past where you originally came onto the road, and the trail markers will eventually turn off onto the right towards the river below. After passing a large field, you'll drop down to cross the river at an old bridge. Continue to follow the trail through this foresty section and you'll cross another old stone bridge. The trail eventually hits the road from the highway to Mets Tegher, where you turn right, and head down to the main North-South highway of Karabakh. At the highway you turn left and walk about 2.5km to Azokh Village.