Janapar Trail - Patara to Kachaghakaberd is a 17.2 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Patara, Xocavənd, Azerbaijan that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as difficult offers a number of activity options.

17.2 km
898 m
Point to Point




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wild flowers


Hike from the village of Patara up to the mountaintop Fortress of Magpies (Kachaghakaberd), and down to Kolatak village. This hike takes you up to the stunning vistas of Kachaghagaberd, the Fortress of Magpies. The virtually impregnable fortress is a mostly a natural rock formation jutting out of a mountaintop, with some walls added for added defense. Then you descend the opposite side of the mountain, cross a river and head into Kolatak village. The hike can be a tough one due to a lot of elevation. The fortress is 700m higher in elevation than Patara and Kolatak. You'll be in a nice forest most of the time, with views opening up to the mountains and valleys below. Lots of wildflowers in late spring and early summer. Heading toward the edge of the village on what appears to be the more traveled road, you pass the small village church on your left while still in the village. You continue out of the village and head along a track for a while through some fields. About 20 minutes out of the village you come to the Surp Prkich Church on your right. It stands out of the forest, and has simple architecture with some carvings. A little further along the trail you'll enter the forest. The trail is pretty clear much of the time, though there are sections that depart from visible trails, notably one section where you head up a steeper section through forest to get from one footpath to another. As you climb up, the views get more and more impressive. As you approach the fortress, the views are sweeping in most directions, with layered mountain chains and green forests as far as the eye can see. When you're ready to head down, the first 15 or so minutes are over a rocky hillside, and then you'll enter the forested trail, hiking much of the way along a crest of the mountains, crossing the river, and going along the river then up to Kolatak village.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Patara was a great village - a very friendly family took us in for the night. We hiked up to the very high "fortress" of Kachaghakaberd through the forest, and were quite tired at the top. We took a nice break though and had a picnic before heading back down. Lot's of great wildflowers and very green time of a year.