Janapar Trail - Azokh to Karmir Shuka

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Janapar Trail - Azokh to Karmir Shuka is a 6.3 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Khotovang, Kəlbəcər, Azerbaijan that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options.

6.3 miles 1443 feet Point to Point




nature trips




wild flowers


From Azokh Village and it's cave, over a mountain on a foot trail to Shekher, then through fields to Karmir Shuka. This section of the trail takes you from the village of Azokh, with its hillside cave, over the mountain to the village of Shekher, across fields, and down to the town of Karmir Shuka. Azokh village has a cave that archeologists have found has had a human presence since ancient times. The hike over the mountain takes you on a footpath. Closer to Shekher, you'll see a small holy place that locals go to in order to light candles and make sacrifices. They also have picnics and barbeques here. Reaching Shekher, you join up with a dirt road again, hit the highway for just a few steps, and cut across fields again until you reach Karmir Shuka.

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