Janapar Trail: Avetaranots to Karintak

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Janapar Trail: Avetaranots to Karintak is a 13.5 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Shushi, Xocavənd, Azerbaijan that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options.

13.5 km
524 m
Point to Point




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wild flowers


From Avetaranots Village you hike through thick forested mountains to the village of Karintak under the cliffs. This hike takes you through some thick forest, and includes a fair amount of elevation. There is nothing technically difficult about this hike, but it's a solid section of hiking on the Janapar trail. The starting point village of Avetaranots has a rich history and some older buildings. The trail is beautiful, and leads to great views of the Karkar Valley, Karintak Village and the huge rock that Shushi sits on. The trail markers take you through Avetaranots Village, and up to the northwest where you soon enter the forest. Follow the trail along a large clearing, then a good stretch of forest, and when you hit the next large, you don't enter it, but rather fork right. This takes you around and down to a river crossing. Unless there has been recent rains, it is very easy to cross. You head right at the opposite bank, and quickly hit a clearing where you make a hard left along the trees of a large clearing. After a few steps of forest you enter another, smaller clearing, before entering a long stretch of forest. The trail eventually will hit a couple of bigger fields in the forest. Soon after you will hit the crest of the mountain, and find yourself at an intersection where you will see down the opposite side of the mountain to Karintak and the massive cliff above. Turn right here and walk along the crest for about 1km before you hit a fork (46.7696099,39.7264116). From here you take the left fork, and head down the mountainside towards the village of Karintak. The road is very well defined, and you should not leave this road. At the bottom it hits the Karkar River, where you cross over an old stone bridge and head directly into Karintak.