Ferrata Tajakante to Tajakopf

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Ferrata Tajakante to Tajakopf is a 31.2 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Ehrwald, Tyrol, Austria that offers scenic views. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers offers a number of activity options.

31.2 km
2,898 m



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rock climbing



Klettersteig to the mountain Tajakopf (2450m) is a beautiful but difficult ferrata in Zugspitze Arena. 8 hours. The ferrata is in Wetterstein Gebirge, about 7 km south of Zugspitze. Tajakopf is about 20 km SW of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This ferrata offers wonderful ferrata climbing in a solid rock. All the time you will go along a pillar so the views towards the Seebensee and Sonnenspitze are astonishing. Formal difficulty D/1-. There is one place D and several C/D also requires a lot of forces. The way up is perfectly secured with a steal rope, but there are few places free (climbing 1-) in the beginning of descent. You can make your life easier if you oversleep in Coburger Hutte (1970m). If you start from Coburger Hutte, you may be back in 5 hours. On the other hand if you start from the parking place by the bottom lift station of Ehrwalder Alm Bahn, be ready for a very long day. You need to get from the car (1108m) to the Seebensee (1657m). There are more options: 1. Take Hoher Gang Steig (attached GPX files). This is a light ferrata. If experienced, you will not need ferrata harness, although you will find some ropes. Actually, if you are reading about Tajakante, you should be experienced. 2. Take Seeben Klettersteig. This is shorter, but difficult, very sporty ferrata climbing. 3. Take the lift Ehrwalder Alm Bahn to Alm (1502m) and take a longer comfortable route to the Seebensee. It is said that you save 1 hour if you take this longer, but faster way.