Nature's Window and The Loop

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Nature's Window and The Loop is a 9.0 kilometer loop trail located near Kalbarri, Western Australia, Australia that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running.

9 km
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Nature's Window, a wind-eroded opening in the layered sandstone, frames a view of the river. It is a moderate 800 metre return walk from the carpark. Keen and well prepared walkers can continue further into the gorge system and complete the eight kilometre Loop Trail - a challenging but spectacular walk. Along the way you'll pass vantage points that provide different perspectives on the switchback course of the Murchison River. The geology of the area is fascinating. The thinly bedded, red and white banded rocks through most of the river gorge were deposited millions of years ago on tidal flats. Rippled surfaces can be seen around Nature's Window. The ripples were formed during ancient times by waves moving over tidal flats in a shallow sea. Some beds in overhangs at The Loop look as if they have been riddled by plant roots, and often have a 'can of worms' appearance. These are burrows left by worms sheltering in the sand. Tracks and trails on flat surfaces show where animals crawled across the damp sedimentary surface. There are toilets, a picnic shelter and a gas barbecue at this popular day use site.

4 months ago

Rated as moderate, however some sections hard. I think it would be about 3km of soft sand at the end of the track followed by a steep rocky climb to the top. Worth every step, the scenery & geology was amazing. Bird life good too, saw black swans, pelicans, rainbow bee-eaters, grebes & little robins. Start the walk at first light as it gets very hot. A great walk

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