Mount Trio Walk

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Mount Trio Walk is a 2.7 kilometer out and back trail located near Kebaringup, Western Australia, Australia that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

2.7 km
381 m
Out & Back

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wild flowers

Mt Trio (Warrungup) is so named because it has three separate peaks linked together by a plateau. The first third of the path is steep but the remainder is easy. The path is initially a boardwalk and continues up the plateau and on to the summit, 856m above sea level. From the summit there are sweeping views of Toolbrunup and other peaks to the south-west. During spring, the mountain bells (a group of darwinias) are abundant on this walk. They are perhaps the most famous of the wildflowers found in the Stirling Range. Each bell appears to be a single flower, but is actually a cluster of small flowers enclosed by colourful petal-like leaves, referred to as bracts. The common mountain bell (Darwinia lejostyla) is one of the mountain bells that can be seen on the Mt Trio walk. Despite its name, it is not at all common. It is considered rare because of its restricted distribution but is not currently regarded as threatened. There are two forms: a mountain form, with bright pink bells; and a valley form, with smaller paler pink bells. Walking is not recommended in wet or windy conditions or in extreme heat.