Coles Track to Chevoit Hill, Wilsons Folly to London Bridge Lookout

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Coles Track to Chevoit Hill, Wilsons Folly to London Bridge Lookout is a 20.1 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

20.1 km
211 m



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Depart from the Visitors Centre Carpark for the track towards the Quarantine Station. In 1852 the Point Nepean Quarantine Station was established for Quarantine purposes for ships coming into Victoria. The station dealt with people and animals who came over on usually dirty and illness ridden ships. The ships would raise a yellow flag to alert the Quarantine Station to ilnesses on board. The Quarantine section was closed down in 1979. The station was also used by the Army from 1952 to 1998 and the Kosovo Refugees utilised the place in 1999. The station is still well preserved and is very interesting with stories of it's history, Buildings still in place include: - Administration Building - Badcoe Hall - Disinfecting & Bathing Complex - Hospitals - Influenza Huts - Isolation Hospital & Morgue - The Original Cemetary & Heatons Monument - The Parade Ground - Quarantine Station Jetty & Passenger Waiting Room -Shepherd's Hut From here we followed Coles Track which is the original track along the Telephone lines from 1940 which were installed to improve the defence of Melbourne during WWII. The track also allowes easy access to observatory point when the weather was too bad for the military to berth at the Fort Nepean Jetty.  The walk then follows along to Observatory Point when relics still remain and then onto Eagles Nest where it provided a great view of the seas although those in the Nest were in an monotonous role in a location susceptible to the elements. Disappearing Guns where also in this location.  The track then heads onto Fort Pearce and Fort Nepean which were both essential in the defence of Australia. Points around Australia were constructed for this defence and the one at this location is a perfect example. Dating back to 1880s for military use, this area was used extensively for the protection of Victoria and to prevent unwanted ships entering Port Phillip Bay. The area consists of things such as: - Observation Points - The Disappearing Gun - Guns - Ammunition Stores - Tunnels - Gun Mounts - The First Gun Fired in both WWI and WWII - War Fortifications plus much more. After lunch and a long exploration of the many things to see in Fort Nepean and Fort Pearce we then headed back up the road to the Barracks, not much remains here except for a few things out of the ordinary such as a toilet bowl and a metal bed however there is a building with interesting stories about the Barracks. From here is was past the Memorial for Harold Holt, Australias Prime Minister from January 1966 to December 1967 when he disappeared while swimming here. It was then onto Cheviot Hill where WWII fortifications remain and also has a view of the Cheviot Beach. We continue on now to the Happy Valley where there are remains of buildings there, this area was named sarcastically as 'Happy Valley' after the poor conditions they had there.  Continuing on we then passed the Point Nepean Cemetary and Gunners Cottage.  A short detour past London Bridge before finishing the trip.