Cathedral Range Loop

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Cathedral Range Loop is a 18.0 kilometer loop trail located near Marysville, Victoria, Australia that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

18 km
900 m









1 month ago

The climb to cathedral peak was a great challenge. Very few people on the trails. The view was incredible with the setting sun. Will be back soon to explore more of this incredible place.

Of note, be safe on the roads leading up to it. Pack a torch as sun sets fast in winter. Always make sure you have enough water and bring a map or compass just in case.

2 months ago

weapon of a trail

2 months ago

AMAZING. took a long time however definitely worth it. Loved the rock scrambling getting to the top of Sugarloaf Peak

2 months ago

Great walk that I have walked many times...lots of scrambling and long rescue time if things go wrong.

3 months ago

Difficult hike but Amazing views

3 months ago

Top hike!

4 months ago

Lots of scrambling and climbing the rocks. I did southern and northern loop in 7 hours. The view was amazing but not so magnificent I would say. Few spots of missing emergency marks. I would have easily gotten lost without GPS.

6 months ago

Did the Wells Cave track 2 days ago and I'm already planning to go back out!
Never before have I done a hike involving rock climbing and going through a cave! Incredible! Not easy, but so worth it.

7 months ago

Excellent walk. Lots of rock scramble

7 months ago

In for snakes! Crazy climb up Jawbone. Even crazier hiking across the top. Views are pretty good and sides of ridge are not too dangerous. However, definitely not for children. I wouldn’t attempt the full circuit in one go as is quite arduous unless you are fit or experienced. Have good shoes and plenty of water in summer as the heat seems to sit on the backside of the mountain.

10 months ago

loved the hike, pretty hard. Especially up sugarloaf peak, lots of climbing - challenging and a little scary!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Completed southern loop. Sugarloaf peak via Canyon wells. Gorgeous views up at the peak looking north over the razorback ridge line. Quiet a difficult grade (4) climbing up canyon wells. Not recommended for the average joe. Due to the rock face climb. If up for a challenge, definitely put it on the cards.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

We completed the two jawbone peaks walk. Started from the Cooks mill carpark and had a quick bite to eat up at the farmhouse. All in all the walk was very achievable. It was a good walk to attempt for your first walk. The views atop of the two jawbone peaks are amazing. Took us about 4 hrs roundtrip to complete.

14 days ago

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