Ships Stern Circuit

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Ships Stern Circuit is a 16.6 kilometer loop trail located near Beechmont, Queensland, Australia that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

16.6 km
774 m




14 hours ago

Hiked this track with my son... took us 5hrs and 45 mins. Its one of the most amazing tracks ... it takes you past a waterfall and the climb is just as amazing as walking the bottom. When you get to the ships stern it is the most amazing sight yet!!

Loved every minute of it!!


3 days ago

Awesome walk, beautiful weather, perfect day

2 months ago

A beautiful hike, not for those with fear of heights as cliff edges are a bit hair raising. Took us 9 hours, although we took our time and had two breaks and detoured to view both lower and upper Ballunjui Falls. Beautiful. Was a couple of leeches and tics. Do watch out for snakes. But highly recommend!

5 months ago

Wow! Absolutely beautiful heathlands plus spectacular views! Check weather though because you wouldn’t want to be caught out there in a storm!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My most fav trail. I recommend if your doing in summer take lots of water. The top end can get very warm and the long grass makes it very dry and a snake haven. So be cautious when walking this area. I wouldn't say it's a difficult trek but does take 4-5 hours with a good stop for lunch. Starting early morning is recommended to be able to enjoy all the gorgeous views along the way. Take a camera. Not recommend for kids as there are some dangerous cliff edges and I wouldn't want mine there. But most of the trail is easy to walk. Only a few km of up hill. He rest is reasonably moderate.

1 month ago

recorded Ship’s stern circuit

5 months ago