Mount Tibberoowuccum and Trachyte Circuit Loop

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Mount Tibberoowuccum and Trachyte Circuit Loop is a 8.0 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Beerburrum, Queensland, Australia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

8 km
315 m



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Very nice, great view, and apart from several climbs, quite a pleasant run. Need to keep an eye on your feet, path a little uneven, and slippery in parts

1 month ago

The less popular of the glass house family but a lovely mountain with a nice peak at the top.

Nice walk/climb/scramble..not another person in sight.. Easy to miss the path hence be prepared and read up on how to get to the path. Instructions below

1. Park at the second Trachyte circuit carpark which is around 800 m further down the road from the main one (which is the car park for climbing mount tibrogargan)
2. Walk back onto the main road(Barrs road) and turn left and continue walking till u come across a T212 sign to your left. Take that path, its a 4WD road(watch out for any 4WD's) and go up to an intersection then take the road to your right and continue walking till u see a pile of stones to your left with a path THATS the path keep following it till you get to the top you will see more of these stone piles along the way which means you are on the correct path
3. Once you get to the top of the climb look to your left and you will see a path on the saddle which will take you to the base of the peak. (Its a bit rocky so take care of your ankles)
4. Once you get to the base of the peak it is just a short scramble to the top nothing too difficult.
5 Once on top enjoy great views especially of Mount Tibrogargan
6 Easy to get lost on the way down so either take pictures or keep those piles of stones in mind and follow those down. In the event you do get lost on the way down like I did just follow one of the 4WD paths back onto Barrs road and then look for mount Tibrogargan and walk towards it. Good opportunity to take postcard worthy photographs of tibrogargan :)

Would definitely recommend this one over Tibrogargan if you want to do a climb with less /no people or if you want to practice a bit of scrambling before tackling Tibrogargan/Beerwah.

All up this takes around 40 minutes if you only do the climb and not the circuit around the mountain.

Good luck and have fun this mountain is amazing.. would recommend also doing the Jack Ferris look out after/before this as that look out give you the best views of the peak of this mountain on the way there and amazing views of all the glass house mountains when you get to the lookout