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Distance: 27.5 miles Elevation Gain: 3,503 feet Route Type: Loop










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3 months ago

We did this track clockwise starting from, and returning to, Florence Falls in early July. The track is relatively well marked with blue metal track markers approx 50-100m apart for the whole 39km of track and all the link walks. There was also pink bunting to assist. However, they were not always easy to find depending on the grass height. Navigating our along the track was part of the adventure. There were times that I needed this downloaded AllTrails GPS to help get back on track. I'd read the blogs about the dry, barren, boring landscape spotted with gorgeous water falls along the way. Many felt the lengthy repetitive vegetation to get to the waterfalls wasn't worth it. I feel that the track got a raw deal on some of the blogs and that it was well worth it. From Day 1, I loved the variation in vegetation in the NT from the other states of Australia I'd seen. There were lots of burnt out areas which is apparently normal for the NT. And when you got to the rock holes and waterfalls, they were beautiful. Day 2 was my favourite day with the rock hopping. Make sure you take the side trip to Wangi Falls - well worth it. Personally I love rock hopping and there were many sections on this day with a couple of steep hills. Then there were a few more waterfalls on the way to the Tjenya Falls campsite. In hindsight, I would have spent more time taking time to dip feet in the falls along the way on this day if I'd known there would be none the next day. Day 3 was the most dry and least exciting in terms of vegetation with no waterfalls to break the dry. DO NOT plan on staying at the campsite between the Walker Creek Link track and Florence Falls shown on the topographical map as a short 400m walk off the track, as there is no water. Instead, take the earlier link track to the Walker Creek walk in or the 4WD on from that - apparently #6 is the best site! We were stuck without water when we got to this Tabletop campsite listed on the map. We were hot and exhausted by this time, with only 1 litre of water left between 4 of us, and this was in winter!!! We decided not to backtrack to Walker Creek, but to first try for water at what looked on the topographical map to be a watercourse 200m further beyond the junction of the campsite and the track. Thankfully we found a stagnant pond that had water we filtered and treated. We then desired to continue on for 4km in the direction to Florence Falls to what looked on the map to be a larger watercourse. We were blessed with a gorgeous little stream and waterfall here, about 2.5 km before the Florence Falls Link track junction. There we pitched our tent on the only bit of flat ground around. This made our Day 4 a much shorter day with plenty of time to enjoy the Falls at the end. It was a relatively flat track for most of the way except a couple of sections and the hills were rocky. 3 of us were seasoned hikers and found it very easy. We went with one inexperienced hiker who found it very tough. Apart from our visits to the main waterholes that are accessible by car, we saw 3 other hikers on the track for the 4 days. Make sure you allow time to finish with a swim in Florence Falls then take the 1.6km walk to Buley Rock Hole. A perfect way to end the trip!

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