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Great North Walk: Aboriginal Art and Brisbane Waters

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Great North Walk: Aboriginal Art and Brisbane Waters is a 40.9 kilometer loop trail located near Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. The trail is rated as moderate and is primarily used for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking.

40.9 km
647 m


mountain biking

trail running


Discover the Best Indigenous Rock-Art Sites in Brisbane Waters National Park on the Great North Walk. There is a lot to learn about Australian indigenous rock art (both painting and engraving) than can be learned here from ancient times. Australian artists drew their rock designs to describe stories, to connect people and customs with the land and to direct and describe journeys. Several hundred rock art sites exist between Newcastle and Sydney. These include different styles: paintings, drawings and also rock engravings. Drawings are chalked directly on rock surfaces using dry pigments whereas paintings are executed in wet pigments with fingers or makeshift brushes or sprayed over stencils. The various pigments used for rock art are generally quite stable since they are made of naturally occurring minerals and, in places where there is adequate protection from the weather, such as in caves or under sheltered cliff faces, this art can be long-lasting. Rock engravings are much less vulnerable to the elements and so can be found in the open, frequently in very beautiful spots in the landscape. They are usually outlines or sometimes filled-in silhouettes that have been created on the surface of the rock by pecking, hammering or scraping. Outlined figures, with their own unique style, are typical of the very many sandstone rock art sites on or near the Great North Walk. In and around the Brisbane Waters National Park there are four (4) indigenous art sites worth visiting: Calga, Girrakool, Bulgandry and Woy Woy. The first (Calga) is, in fact two sites - both inside the Australian Wildlife Walk-about Park. Girrakool is the least exciting but easy to visit and both Bulgandry and Woy Woy are wonderful examples of Aussie original art.

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