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Sisian, Ltsen, Tatev, Goris is a 45.1 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Tatev, Syunik, Armenia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking.

Length 45.1 mi Elevation gain 7,834 ft Route type Point to Point

Mountain biking


Wild flowers


Historic site

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Description of the Trail This marvelous biking trail will allow you to see the unique sights of South Armenia, with a centuries-old culture, old bridges, churches, castles, and mineral sources. The trail is located in the Syunik province, which borders the Islamic Republic of Iran in the south. The trail begins in Sisian city (1,600m above sea level) and leads on for 5km, to reach Aghitu village. On your way, you will see the tomb of Aghitu. The biking trail will continue on to Vorotnavank (from the year 1000), then to the Vorotan hot springs, where you can swim and have a little rest, after which you can see the ruins of Vorotnavank (5th century) from the road. Afterward, you will cross the Melik Tang Bridge (1,885) to the Shamb Reservoir, which is shaped like flower petals. Taking the trail further to the Vorotan Gorge, you will see Hin Harjis, an uninhabited village, the houses remaining with their thatched roofs and uncultivated gardens. From here, the trail continues to the Tatev Monastery (4th century), then to Goris city, where you can arrange an overnight stay. In case you have time, you can also visit some interesting sights along the way: Zorats Karer (also called Karahunj, Sisian city), Shake Waterfall (Sisian town), the Hin Khndzoresk caves and the Swinging Bridge (Goris city), the Wings of Tatev Ropeway (Halidzor or Tatev village), and Devil's Bridge (Tatev village). Flora Syunik is the most mountainous province of Armenia. The variation in its elevation is up to 3,500m, with its highest point being Kaputjugh (3,906m), and its lowest, the Meghri Gorge (375m). The trail passes through oak-hornbeam forests, where hawthorns, briers, wild pears, apples, maples and elm trees also grow. The most remarkable rivers are the Vorotan, Voghjin, and Meghriget. The Vorotan is the biggest river in Zangezur. The depth of the Vorotan Grand Canyon is 800m. In this spot, the river passes under the natural wonder called the Devil’s Bridge. There are numerous mineral waters in Tatev, Kajaran, Goris, and Vorotan (Urut). The Platan and Zangezur reserves and the Shikahogh State Reserve are also located in Syunik. Many rare and valuable tree species grow here. Fauna The fauna of Sisian is rich with such animals as bear, wolf, fox (only the yellow-grey tribe) and the hare, which you can see in almost all of the areas. There are wild goats, pigs, lynxes and martens in the Ltsen and Arevis forests. Rivers and lakes are abundant in fish. The Vorotan river, and other clean, cold waters are home to trout, which are currently threatened by uncontrolled hunting. The region is also rich in birds. There are partridges all throughout the territory. There are also vultures and eagles, which mostly target the malicious rodents of the region. Safety Ucom and VivaCell-MTS networks are almost always available between the cities of Sisian and Goris. In case of emergency, call 911, a service which is available throughout Armenia. Technical Specifications of the Trail The best time to go hiking is from May till October. Yerevan is 210km from Sisian, so the road there takes 3 hours and 28minutes. By taxi, it will cost about 21,000 AMD. The distance of the biking trail is 74.5km. The duration of the route is 10 hours. The area is located 1,380-1,600m above sea level. 50% of the road is covered by sandstones, the rest of it is asphalted. The best drink to have on hand is water. How to Reach the Trail To reach the above-mentioned biking trail, you need to get to Sisian. It is most convenient to travel by taxi, which is quite affordable throughout Armenia. Taking a cab with a working meter, and making sure the driver uses it is recommended.

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