Southern Peak of Aragats

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Southern Peak of Aragats is a 8.5 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Tegher, Kotayk', Armenia that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

8.5 km
691 m




no dogs

This hike begins at an altitude of 3,250m above sea level. Located near the high-mountainous, cold, freshwater lake known as Kari Lake (Stone lake). The beauty of the lake is greatly accentuated by the surrounding alpine meadows, varied flowers, mountainous fresh air and by the view of the snowy peaks of Aragats. The best time to hike here is around the middle of May. The weather should be warm, although the area is covered with snow. There is a 1-2 km road leading to the lake with 2-3m high snow formations stretching along either sides of the road, with interesting shapes created by the influence of the sun. These snowy formations will entirely melt by the end of July and the rest of the snow in the surrounding area will be completely melted sometime between August and September. Mount Aragats: Aragats Mountain is the highest mountain top (4,090m) in the Republic of Armenia. It is a shield-shaped massif, with a diameter of about 200km and about a 4,000 square km area, together with its fan-shaped slopes, lying between the areas of the Aragatsotn and Shirak regions. Aragats was formerly one of the largest volcanoes in the world. It has four peaks and an immense crater (with a depth of 400m and 3km in diameter). The highest point is found on the northern most peak (4,090m), the second is the western (3,995.3m), the eastern peak is in third place (3,908.2m) and the southern is fourth (3,887.8m). The crater of Aragats is a water accumulating large pool, from which begins the river of Gegharot, a tributary of the Kasakh River. Aragats is famous for its coolwater sources, which form a number of large and small rivers (Gegharot, Amberd, Mantash, Narishd, Getadzor, Tsaghkahovit and others). The origin of the name of Aragats is ascribed to either Hayk’s son, Aramanyak, or to the God, Ara (Aragats - Ara’s throne). Once the mountain had only one big peak, but over the course of centuries, earthquakes and strong volcanoes resulted in the split of the mountain into several parts, thus creating the four peaks of Aragats which can be seen today. There is a hotel-restaurant located near Kari Lake, which is famed for serving khash – one of the most tasty dishes in the Armenian cuisine. Khash represents a special ritual: it is prepared using domestic animals’ (cow, bull, calf) legs, heads and tongues. The preparatory work lasts for 1-2 days, while the cooking duration is 6-10 hours. The table setting also has its rules: on the khash table, it is necessary to put salt, garlic, different herbs, radish, dried lavash (traditional Armenian thin bread), other types of bread (baked only in Armenia and only by Armenians) and wet lavash, alcoholic drinks like vodka can also be a part of the khash table. This traditional Armenian feast of khash usually begins early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday.