Mount Tezh is a 12.1 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Tsakhkadzor, Kotayk', Armenia that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for downhill skiing.

12.1 km
1,101 m
Out & Back





historic site

Description of the trail The trail is located in the Lori and Kotayk marz, one of the peaks of the Pambak sierra, 123km far from Yerevan. The skiing step begins from the Antarashen village of Lori marz in forest road and slowly goes upwards, leaving the valleys and gorges on both sides of the road. This ski trail can pass from January to April (April 20) as the ski trail of the Mount Tezh is located on the northern side of the mountain. Sometimes it is possible to meet powder snow in January and April. Description of the monument The Pambak sierra begins from Jajur mountain pass (1952 m) and stretches to the southeast, up to Sevan Pass (2114 m). It is one of the largest sierras in the Republic of Armenia and has a length of about 106 km. The highest in the central part is Mount Tezh, 3101m high. The other peaks are known to the Ampasar (3053 m), Mount Khaghkhagh (3044 m), Gomasar (2885 m), Pahakasar (2891 m), Mount Kamar (2738 m), Tsilkar (2558 m), Harsnakar (2483 m) and etc. The main branches of the sierra are the Tsaghkunyats and Mount Arjanots. Fauna Sometimes it is possible to meet bears, wolves, foxes, and wild rabbits in the Pambak sierra. Safety From the village of Antarashen to the end of the trail 3047m, Ucom and Viva Cell-Mts are almost always available. In case of an accident, rescue services function in Armenia 24/7 and the number is 911. Beware of rural prose dogs. Trail technical parameters The best time: January-April From Yerevan to Antarashen village 123 km In taxi it takes 2 hours, cost 12300-13000AMD The ski runway is 13.2 km long Duration of the ski run: 6 hours 25 min Height from sea level is 1900 m. -3047 m The best drink is hot tea How to reach the trail To cross the above mentioned route it is necessary to reach Fialetovo, then Antarashen village of Lori marz. It is convenient to travel by taxi. Taxis throughout Armenia are quite affordable. Please use the taxis in which the counters are installed. ©State Tourism Committee of RA