Mount Kamar

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Mount Kamar is a 5.0 kilometer out and back trail located near Harich, Kotayk', Armenia that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for downhill skiing.

5 km
469 m
Out & Back





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Description of the trail In the north of Aragatsotn marz, we offer you an amazing mountain ski trail with indescribable beautiful mountain views. This route will start from Sipan village, the height of which is 2100 m. Skiing a few hundred meters away from that village will be approached to the mountain. The route is marked up to 2600 m above the Mount Kamar, as the crown masses of the hill were open during that time, due to little snow, but the feeling of pleasant landing doesn’t suffer from it. If the snow is sufficiently abundant and covered with stones, we recommend continuing to the peak, 2738 m. During the landing, it will be on the four-mile Mount Aragats in front of you, showing the northern rocky wall in the foreground. In the evening, on the way back to the sunset, the winter Aragatsotn marz, the Pambak sierra and roads are a real sightseeing destination for visitors and guests. Description of the Monuments Mount Kamar is one of the highest peaks of the Pambak sierra, with a height of 2738 m. It is located in Aragatsotn marz, 3 km northwest from Sipan village. Sipan village: The village is located on the southern slopes of the Pambak sierra. It is located in 2100m height from sea level. The climate is temperate mountainous. The winters are durable, cold, and with stable snow cover. The summers are hot and relatively humid. The average July temperature fluctuates between 16-18, January -6, -8. Annual precipitation is 450-600 mm. On the way back we recommend you visit Armenian Alphabet Monument, Saghmosavank, Hovhannavank Monasteries, the other sights of Aragatsotn marz. Fauna In winter bears, wolves, foxes, and wild rabbits are sometimes encountered on the slopes of the mountains. Security issues From Sipan village to the highest point of Mount Kamar Viva Cell-Mts mobile connections are available․ In the case of accident 911 rescue services function operates in Armenia. Beware of dogs in the village. Trail technical parameters Best period: January, February, March Distance: 72 km from Yerevan, by taxi Duration: 1 hour 17 min Cost: 7,200-7,500 AMD Ski trail length: 7.5 km Ski run: 2 hours 50 min Height from sea level: 2100-2738m The best drink is hot tea How to get to the trail To pass the above mentioned trail should be reached to Sipan village of Aragatsotn marz. The most convenient option is to take a taxi. Taxies throughout Armenia are quite affordable. Please use the taxies, in which counters are installed. ©State Tourism Committee of RA