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Yerevan - Garni – Geghard - Yerevan: Cycling trail

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Yerevan, Kotayk, Armenia

Yerevan - Garni – Geghard - Yerevan: Cycling trail is a 38.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Yerevan, Kotayk, Armenia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for birding and road biking and is accessible year-round.

Length 38.5 mi Elevation gain 5,314 ft Route type Out & Back
Road biking Bird watching Views Wild flowers Wildlife Historic site
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Getting There

Description of the Trail The trail is located in the Kotayk marz of Armenia. The cycling trail is best started early in the morning to avoid the heat (but you can choose the right time for yourself). Continuing the route, it reaches the Garni pagan temple. This is the only preserved pagan Temple which keeps the Armenian nation intact until now (I). The pagan temple of Garni is followed by an important Christian center and a place of prayer called Geghardavank (Vd). These two hearths are of great importance both from tradition and history, from the point of view of faith and religion. After receiving spiritual food, you can taste the Armenian traditional sweets, grapes and fruit, which will be offered to you by hard-working Armenian grandmothers. The return on route is also indicated. Description of the Monuments Temple of Garni The pagan temple of Garni is located in Kotayk marz on the right bank of the Azat River. The foundation of Garni is attributed to the grandson of Hayk Nahapet Gegham, whose grandson Garnik was also called Garni. The style of the castle architecture is Hellenistic, it was built by King Trdat in 76 AD. This remarkable system was built on a triangular high moon. The castle of Garni has been destroyed for several centuries. However, the Armenian kings restored the castle to a summer residence, a meeting place for maneuvers, and a bishopopian settlement. Ancient archeological excavations and archeological finds were discovered during archaeological excavations in Garni. Early Armenian Urartian ceramics and cuneiform inscriptions were also discovered by King Argishti. There was a civilized settlement in front of the castle, traces of which were covered with medieval and modern times. The village is located on the hillside north of the medieval cemetery, with cross-stone cross-stones, and inscribed gravestones. In all seasons of the year, the temple is open to all. At night, it is illuminated with beautiful lights. Geghard Monastery (Geghard village) The distance from Yerevan is 35 km. It is located on the right bank of the Azat River, in historic Gegharddzor. The monastery is a complex, consisting of the main temple, two courtyards and two churches, as well as a number of cells and tombs. Entrance to the rocky building, interior walls and pillars are decorated with beautiful sculptures. The tropical cliffs surrounding the monastery are of special beauty and majesty. Geghard Monastery was founded in the early years of Christianity becoming the state religion in Armenia (beginning of the 4th century). The foundation of the monastery was attributed to Grigor Lusavorich. Geghardavank was one of the spiritual and cultural centers of medieval Armenia. Many Armenian manuscripts have been reached, some of which are kept in Matenadaran after M. Mashtots. The monastery was repeatedly exposed to raiding, but it was inaccessible to capture the enemy. The building has been recognized as part of UNESCO's World Heritage and is considered one of the best sights in Armenia. Flora From Garni Temple to Geghard you will see interesting and varied plants, trees and flowers that will change depending on the climate. On the lower slopes of the slopes, the semi-desert landscape is dominant. The forest vegetation is spread in the form of islands at the average altitude and is composed of juniper forests and oak trees. There are also broad-leaved Illene, Crocodile, Arazene, and Caucasian Chickpea. At a higher, mountainous vegetation, there are chicory, white chamomile, sage, carnivorous, cornflower, healing nectar, ox, tongue white, lithelium and many more. Thyme herb is also used as tea grass, which has the potential to reduce blood pressure. Fauna It is not possible to see animals while crossing the cycling route. But leaving the territory of Garni, you will reach the eastern part of Khosrov State Reserve where the representatives of the fauna are in fact living. Wildlife is characterized by Armenian mouflon (wild sheep) and Bezoar goat. There are also leopard, brown bear, boar, fox, rabbit, lilac, blackberries, wolves, whirlwinds, and more. It is particularly rich in bird species; there are black cats, herring, white vulture, eagle, wild pigeon, and so on. There are many reptiles, particularly poisonous gyroscope. Since 1954, it has been cosmetic to the dessert deer. Safety All types of telephone connections are available during the Garni-Geghard cycling trail. There are 911 rescue services in the case of an accident. Trail technical parameters The best time: April-November The length of the cycling trail is 61.6 km Duration of the cycling trail is 5.5 hours (Please note this timeframe, but not the GPS device) Height from sea level 1000-1400-1700 m 100% of the road is asphalt Buy bottled water and take it with you

How to reach the trail To cross the above-mentioned cycling route you need to drive from Yerevan to Garni, then Geghard and return to Yerevan as it is mentioned on the route. But if you are tired or you feel bad then you can use taxies in which counters are installed. Taxies throughout Armenia are quite affordable.

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