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Western Peak of Mount Aragats is a 12 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Harich, Kotayk, Armenia that features a river and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options.

Length 12.0 mi Elevation gain 4,120 ft Route type Loop
Backpacking Hiking Nature trips Walking Bird watching River Views Wildlife Rocky
Waypoints (3)

Western summit of the Mount Aragats (4000 m altitude from the sea level) Hiking trail description The unique and remarkable mount is the most preferred destination for hikers and tourists. The western summit is reachable from Geghadzor village. The entire way has no visible track but the trail is easy intermediate for hiking. The whole way is full of various wild flowers and endemic species, as well as the air is inspiring. The panorama from the summit is marvelous, in front of the hikers opens the Mount Ararat, Caucasian sierra and the summit of Kazbeki. Mount Aragats The mount is considered the highest peak of Armenia 4090 m altitude from the sea level with the 200 km diameter. In the past Aragats was one hugest volcanic formations in the world: the North Peak has 4090 m altitude from the sea level (13419 f), West Peak 3995 m (13107 f), the East Peak – 3908 m (12822 f), the South Peak – 3887 m (12753 f): Monuments description On the way skiers may visit Ohanavank (monastery constructed 5-13 centuries) that is situated in Ohanavan and was considered as a favorite educational center for all Armenians. The next beautiful monument is Saghmosavank (monastery constructed in 13th century) in Saghmosavan village which is a very unique monastery complex with extraordinary ornaments. Another favorite destination is the alphabet boulevard located on the slopes of the Mount Aragats where are placed all the Armenian letters engraved from the tuff stone with unique ornaments. Flora The climate of the mount is unpredictable, as the winter lasts 250 days on the summit and the cold remains even during the hottest summer. However, the flora of the mount is rich with various wild flowers and endemic species Fauna On the way to the summit skiers may meet foxes, wild rabbits and wolves. Safety and security The mobile connections of Ucom and Viva Cell-MTS functions without interruptions. In case of emergency, call 911 or 112. Be aware of leashed-off dogs in the villages. Trail technical parameters Best period: June-September Distance: 81 km from Yerevan Duration: 1 hour 20 min Hiking trail length: 19 km Walk duration: 9 hours Altitude from the see level: 2800-4000 m Take hot tea or bottled water with you How to reach to the trail First of all, the skiers must reach to Geghadzor village by car. Please, use taxi service with taximeters.

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