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Tegher Monastery is a 4.8 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Tegher, Kotayk, Armenia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from April until October.

Length 4.8 mi Elevation gain 1,771 ft Route type Point to Point



Wild flowers

Historic site

No dogs

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Getting There

Tegher Monastery is located in the village of Tegher in the province of Aragatsotn. It is a beautiful place, and the old, grey and faded walls of the church are especially admirable in sunny weather. The small stone chairs offer a calm place to sit, to have a rest, eat something and to take breath before the long hike ahead. Because of the abundance of herbs growing in proximity to the village, the church and the village are called Tegher, or Degher (medicine, in Armenian). As the hike continues from the church through the village, a nice open field provides views of Mount Ararat – the highest mountain of the Armenian highland – and the four peaks of Mount Aragats are also visible. Along the route, the flora varies depending on the terrain. The beginning of the route is rich with high stem plants, which become sparser towards the end of the route. Amberd Fortress, located on this route, was built in the 10th century as a defensive shelter and an educational centre. Tegher Monastery is located in Tegher village. It is included in the list of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Armenia. According to the inscriptions on the stone façade of the narthex’s entrance, Mamakhatun, the wife of the Prince Vache Vachutian of Ararat, built the monastery. The complex consists of the St. Astvatsatsin (Surb Astvatsatsin) Church and its narthex. The flora of Aragatson is rich and varied, as it is in the surroundings of Tegher village and in areas near Amberd castle. In spring months middle-aged women hurry to the fields to collect edible greens (astrodaucus, sorrel (lat. Rumex, falcaria, etc.), from which they cook tasty meals. The area is also rich in herbs they use to make tea. From May to July, the surrounding area of Amberd is covered with various flowers, among which are Ornithogalum, Pulsatilla (Pulsatilla armena), Corydalis (Corydalis nariniana) and Gladiolus (Gladiolus tenuis). The grass is dense and splendid in both places. While walking, bushes such as rosehip and rose bushes, and a whole variety of spring and summer flowers can be seen. It is common to not encounter any animals on this hike, although there are some on the lower slopes of Aragats. These include grey bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, jerboa, lizards, turtles and snakes, some types of mice, many types of birds, insects and beetles. Due to the rapid changes in weather, they are generally quite reserved and evasive.

Mobile telephone coverage is available at times throughout the hike, and the 911 emergency service operates throughout Armenia in case of any accidents. Be aware of rapid changes in weather, especially in spring, as lightning storms are common. Hiking on the mountain in gloomy and rainy weather is not recommended. Be sure to bring bottled water!

In order to reach this hike, the most convenient option is to take a taxi from Yerevan to Tegher. This will cost around 4,000 AMD. It is advisable to take a taxi with a working meter (be sure the driver uses it), or agree on a price beforehand. There are also buses to Ashtarak (a nearby town) from Yerevan Central Bus Station, and from Ashtarak, there are minibuses to Tegher. This costs around 1,000 AMD one-way.

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