Narek Village, Yeranos Summit

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Narek Village, Yeranos Summit is a 28 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Garni, Kotayk, Armenia that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as moderate and is primarily used for mountain biking.

Distance: 28.0 miles Elevation Gain: 5,413 feet Route Type: Point to Point

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Description of the Trail This long and fascinating mountain biking trail is located in the heart of Armenia, in the Ararat province. The trail begins from Narek village; from there, you will bike for 14 km on an asphalt trail, which then becomes a soil, macadam and sand road. Along the trail you can see beautiful landscapes and people working in their gardens. The Ararat province is famous for its viticulture, and residents and business owners have been making white and red wine here for thousands of years. After finishing this trail, you will begin the challenging Yeranos massif trail. The splendour of grass and flowers in summer and spring, the view of the gilt fields and mountains in autumn, and the crested silhouettes of mountains complement each other and create a unique combination for lovers of mountainous terrains. It is a breathtaking trail, and if you’re visiting in October, you can taste red and orange haws, or pick up rosehips for tea in the evening. You will probably also come across donkeys, which are nowadays very rare in Armenia. While taking rests, you can take in the majestic view of Mount Ararat. At a height of 1,780m, the Khosrov Forest will also come into view, and the bliss of overcoming the Yeranos Mountain Summit by bike will fill your heart. Then take the long and heavenly sand road toward Verin Dvin village. Description of the Monuments Artashat Central Church The Saint Hovhannes Avetaranich Church and its neighboring tower-shaped structure is the first thing to capture one's attention while entering Artashat. The church had its official opening ceremony in 2005, and attracts visitors with its majesty and glorious architectural design. There is a crown on top of the tower in honor of the founder, King Artashes I, as Artashat is one of the oldest capitals of Armenia (185 BC–120 AD). Ararat province is also home to another Armenian capital - Dvin (5th century). Because of the favorable climate in the region, the trail is passable until late fall. Its lowest elevation is near the Araks riverbed - at 801m above sea level - and its highest is the Spitakasar Summit, at 3,555.7m. From the Ararat valley you can marvel at Mount Ararat, at 5,165m, it is the highest peak of the Armenian Highlands. You can also visit Khor Virap. Flora The Geghama, Urts and Yeranos mountains occupy a large part of the mountainous terrain in the Ararat province. The small forested areas, founded by the Armenian King, Khosrov Kotak in the IV century, are part of the larger Khosrov Reserve. Ararat Valley is full of orchids and alpine meadows, Khosrov’s chilly forests, pure mountain springs, and fruits. Green valleys and dry, lifeless rocks endow the area. One can see hawthorn, eglantine and other wild berries growing here. Fauna The province’s fauna is very rich because of the Khosrov Forest Reserve. Here one can come across a chamois, Caucasian bear, wild boar, hare, rock badger, fox, hedgehog, jackal, field mouse, bobcat, marten, dormouse or squirrel. There are various birds here, as well as reptiles, insects and fish. There are many species of fish (salmon, barbel, barbus, etc.) that are significant to the fish industry, and some are not prohibited for fishing (Armenian dace, cephalus, silver carp, etc.). Trout fishing, however, is prohibited. The Armenian dace, Sevan trout and barbel are endemic species and are registered in the Red Book of Armenia. Safety Mobile connection in the Narek and Verin Dvin villages and in the surrounding areas is always available. However, Ucom and VivaCell-MTS networks are partially available in the Yeranos Mountains. In case of emergency, call 911, a service which is available throughout Armenia. Beware of dogs guarding flocks of sheep! Technical Specifications of the Trail The best time to go hiking is from April till October. Yerevan is 46km away from Narek village, so the road there takes 57m and costs about 4,600-5,000 AMD (by taxi). The distance of the biking trail is 45.8km. The duration of the route is 9-10 hours. The area is located 1,033-1,823.7m above sea level. 80% of the road is covered by sandstones, and 20% is asphalted. The best drink to have on hand is water. How to Reach the Trail To reach the biking trail, you need to get to Narek village in the Ararat province. It is most convenient to travel by taxi, which is quite affordable in Armenia. Taking a cab with a working meter, and making sure the driver uses it is recommended.

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