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Sevanavank, Areguni Mountain Range, Aghavnavank

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Sevan, Gegharkunik, Armenia

Sevanavank, Areguni Mountain Range, Aghavnavank is a 22.5 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Sevanavank, Gegharkunik, Armenia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking.

Length 22.5 mi Elevation gain 3,047 ft Route type Point to Point

Mountain biking


Wild flowers


Historic site

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Description of the Trail The biking trail begins from Sevanavank, in Gegharkunik province of Armenia. Lake Sevan is one of the most favourite resorts of Armenians. The most popular tourist centre is Sevanavank located on Sevan peninsula. In summer, the water temperature reaches 21 degrees, so you can swim in the Lake. The Vaskenian Theological Seminary of Sevan was established in 1990 on the east of peninsula of Lake Sevan. After completing the visits to places of interest you will ride by the only paved road and will reach Tsovagyugh village near the Lake Sevan. Then, by the car road, you will ride up (due to the marked trail) to Areguni mountain range by gravel trails. At the altitude of 2,450m the road begins to descend sharply towards Tavush province. The biking trail passes through ‘Dilijan’ National Park. You will probably be asked to stop there and register, as this is a state park. Riding downwards through woods you will get to village Khachardzan, and then riding 3km more you will reach village Aghavnavank. Afterwards, the trails lead you to the picturesque church of Aghavnavank surrounded with rare tree species. Aghavnavank church and the Yew Grove with its mysterious landscape are located in ‘Dilijan’ National Park. Thereby, the biking trail from Sevanavank (Gegharkunik province) to Aghavnavank (Tavush province) ends. Fauna The fauna of Sevan Basin is diverse. Rodents, wolves, foxes, rabbits, badgers are very common in Sevan basin. There are also such birds as mountain partridges, quail, larks, ducks, geese, heron and several species of fish in the lake. Reptiles are also common in this area. The ‘Sevan’ National Park Reserve was established in the coastal zone. Sevan basin is one of the densely populated and intensive areas used for agricultural purposes. There is also a wide variety of birds. There are resorts, camps, sights and other recreational facilities here. Safety Ucom and VivaCell-MTS networks are available near the residents, but connection may be lost in Areguni mountains and ‘Dilijan’ National Park. In case of emergency, call to 911 service available throughout Armenia. Beware of dogs guarding flocks of sheep. Technical Specifications of the Trail The best time to pass the trail: May - October Yerevan is 69km away from Sevanavank, so the road there takes 1hr. and 5min. and costs AMD 7000 – 7500 (by taxi). The distance of biking trail is 35km. The duration of biking is 5 hours. The area is located at an altitude of 1920-2460-1267m above sea level. The 85% of the road is covered with sandstones, the 15% is asphalted. The best drink to have at hand is bottled water. How to Reach the Trail To pass the above-mentioned trail, you need to get to Sevanavank. It is most convenient to travel by taxi. Taxi services are quite affordable throughout Armenia. Taking a cab with a taximeter is recommended.

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Mountain biking