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Sevaberd, Geghama Mountains, Seghanasar is a 5.9 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Gilanlar, Ararat, Armenia that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as difficult and is primarily used for downhill skiing.

Length 5.9 mi Elevation gain 2,680 ft Route type Loop




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This ski trail begins in Sevaberd village, in the Kotayk province. The trail will lead you into the Geghama mountains, whose range is about 65km in length and 35km in width. The range includes many volcanoes, such as Seghanasar (3,219m), Sevkatar (3,225m), Spitakasar (3,555m), Nazeli (3,312m), Vishapasar (3,157m), Yerakatar (2,589.6m), Geghasar (3,444m), and the highest peak, Azhdahak (3,597.3m). The trail ends at a height of 2,900m, but in case you have time, you can continue skiing at higher elevations. The best return path is marked on the trail. Saint Poghos - Petros Church This church, located near Zar village, at the foot of Hatis Mountain, was built in the 13th century. In 1,930, Grigor (Gregory) had a dream that the entire church was constructed. Two chapels were built next to the church and were named Poghos and Petros. In 1,969 and 1,989, the two chapels were reconstructed, and the men who repaired them were later buried in the churchyard after their deaths. Each year, two weeks after Easter, people make a pilgrimage to the church to celebrate Saint Poghos-Petros Day. Saint Hovhannes Mkrtich Church in Abovyan Town, Kotayk Province This is a young church, built in 2006 and consecrated in 2013. The architectural team of the church brought together around 40 painters, sculptors and architects. Fauna For both herbivorous and carnivorous animals, it is very difficult to find food in the winter. On the slopes of mountains, you’ll most probably come across wolves, foxes, wild rabbits and - in rural areas - dogs. Birds are rare in this territory. Safety VivaCell-MTS network is partially available from Sevaberd to the Geghama Mountains. In case of emergency, call 911, a service which operates throughout Armenia. Technical Specifications of the Trail The best time is: January, February, March Yerevan is 36km away from Sevaberd, so the road there takes 48m and costs 3,600-4,000 AMD (by taxi). The distance of the ski path (and the return path) is 9.6km. The duration of skiing is 3 hours and 44min. The area is located 2,000-2,900m above sea level. The best drink to have on hand is warm tea! How to Reach the Ski Trail To access the trail, you need to get to Sevaberd village, which is most convenient to travel to by taxi. Taxi services are quite affordable throughout Armenia. Please take a cab with a working meter, and making sure the driver uses it. ©State Tourism Committee of RA

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