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Mount Urc is a 6.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Urtsadzor, Ararat, Armenia that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as moderate and is primarily used for nature trips and downhill skiing.

Length 6.2 mi Elevation gain 2,634 ft Route type Out & Back

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Description of the trail Today’s ski trail is located between Shaghap and Langanist villages of Ararat marz. After passing 2-3km from Shaghap village, can be reached to the start of the trail. During the winter months on the peaks of Mount Urc of Ararat marz dry grasses are seen, where the wind has taken its dose of snow. On the back side of Mount Urc the weather is amazing, and meters of snow layers are formed. And if the sun shines, you will see wonderful scenes from the peak. There is Armash river to the southwest, where fishes are evolving from the spring. You can see Araks river and the two giants, Sis and Masis mounts (Ararat 5138m), hanging in the air. The wild goat and the Armenian mouflon are encountered in Mount Urc, which are registered in the IUCN Red List, whose hunting is strictly forbidden in the Republic of Armenia. This area is a transit zone because it is immediately adjacent to the Khosrov Reserve. Description of the Monuments Mount Urc: Urc sierra is located in the south of Ararat marz of RA. It stretches from northwest to southeast, the length is 25km, and the maximum height is 2445,9 m (Mount Urc). It is disproportionate– the northern slopes are long and mildly slant, while the southern slopes are short and downhill, cropped. Urtscasar mountain pass (1910m) is located on the eastern edge of sierra. You can also visit: Khor Virap Khor Virap Monastery is located in the Ararat marz of Armenia, on the left side of Arax River, on one of the hills of historical Artashat. According to Agatangeghos historian, Trdat III the Great, during the persecutions of Christians, Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned in the royal prison of Artashat, where he spent 14 years. After imprisonment Gregory Illuminator could achieve the trust and support of the king, therefore, he made the Christianity the state religion of Armenia. In the fifth century the monastery was founded on the royal prison’s pit. Starting from the 13th century Khor Virap, besides being an important sanctuary, also became a center for education and science for all Armenians. More than 10 manuscripts have been preserved there. In 1255, Vardan Areveltsi founded a seminary in the monastery, where they were taught theology, the treatise of ancient philosophers, logic, rhetoric, grammar and spiritual songs. In 1669 the construction of St. Gregory Church started in the place where the 14th century chapel was. The pit is about 4.5 m diameter length and 6.5 m depth. In 1703 the reconstruction of holy Mother central church was completed. In the end of the 19th century, the colonnaded bell tower was built adjacent to the western facade of that church. During the 1970’s, the monastery’s walls and surrounding buildings were renovated through the efforts of Vazgen I, Catholicos of All Armenians. Fauna Wild goats, mouflons and rodent animals that thrive in winter are encountered here. Security issues In the Mount Urc, Ucom and Viva Cell-Mts mobile connections are always available․ In the case of an accident 911 rescue services operate in Armenia 24/7. Beware of dogs in the village. Trail technical parameters Best period: January - March Distance: 67 km from Yerevan, by taxi Duration: 1 hour 14 min Cost: 6700-7000 AMD Ski trail length: 11km Ski run: 5 hours 10 min Height from sea level: 1460-2300m The best drink is hot tea How to get to the trail In order to reach the above mentioned ski trail it should be take a taxi from Yerevan to Shaghap village of Ararat marz, then continue another 2-3 km. The ski trail begins from the allies’ road. Please use the taxies, in which counters are installed. Taxies throughout Armenia are quite affordable. ©State Tourism Committee of RA

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