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3 hours ago

2 days ago

If you walk the full trail, you will get into the Pagoda for free. Turn right when you hit the second road and find the hidden stairs, follow that path untik you reach the meditation center. Can 100% recommend the views aswell

Alright outing through the woods. First temple at half waypoint is nice to see. Lackluster top, but has some shops and food options. Went in dry season so waterfalls were nothing special.

Nice one! I didn’t see anyone. Waterfall is very nice! I spent half hour there just enjoying. I also recommend walk from the Zoo to there. Very nice area!

Really nice trail. Well maintained except for the lower section of the loop at the end. there are welded vista platforms at the top. Turn around at the concrete squat toilets to find the loop section.
We arrived at the village around 8am, paid the 20baht entry fee, and got back around 3:30 after picnicking and napping on the trail. The village is really nice in the morning but is kind of depressing when the tourists show up.

My first one! Amazing! First temples is awakening and awareness. So I used it to feel my body, keep silent and aware of surrounding. Round trip. Very good!

14 days ago

i love how the two sections have different vibes. one note to add cause i didn't think it was clear (after reading all the others here) is that once you hit the second main road, you will need to continue walking on the side of it, uphill... that's where you'll reach the main little touristic village and you'll know you've made it :) lots of cars and no curb so be careful obvi

over grown
16 days ago

nice trail that really gives you beautiful nature and an amazing waterfall. we did not meet any other people during this trail. Downsides is that it is quite remote and some of the trail are overgrown and muddy. we recommend renting a motorbike to get up there

very beautiful, but steep trail that really get your pulse up :) and we met some people along the trail. in conclusion you can do this trail yourself and we recommend it

18 days ago

Lots of stairs. Take water because it’s obviously very hot. Beautiful view at the top. Totally worth it!

19 days ago

kids friendly, stunning view, well maintained trail, definitely worth visiting

Nice trail. We did it in January. Were very happy choosing to go up by ourselves instead of tour. Totally worth it. Not so difficult, just keep to your own pace. No need to rush. By the way, there were no difficulties finding a way after crossing the road. A tip: after a first temple just keep left, go near a stream on your left and you will see continuation of a trail just across the road. We went down with a red taxi. No problem finding it at all. Good luck :)

Descent trail and many rout options that will get you to the same destination but the falls we're lackluster when we went in January due to low flows. nice views of the city!

The first two km of this hike are startlingly easy -- we made the mistake of feeling a bit smug after hearing numerous bloggers talk about how difficult the trail was. Sure enough, we hit km 3 and it was hardcore and slippery rock scrambling, almost to the point of jungle bashing at certain parts. There are two waterfalls on this path, the first of which isn't much to behold during dry season. This trail as marked here doesn't include the path to the second (much larger) waterfall. We avoided it because the trail was very overgrown and poorly marked, and had also heard of another backpacker who tried to find it on his own and ended up getting lost for 11 days after a rainstorm hit and washed the trail out further. Thankfully he was found and is fine, but it was enough to convince us that, if we wanted to get to the second one, we would definitely hire a guide as recommended and avoid going during rainy season! If the riverbed beyond the first waterfall is dry enough to scramble across it as we did, expect some skree and slippery bits. Also -- wear bug spray and legit hiking clothing so you don't end up becoming mosquito food.

This trail has seven-tiers of waterfalls total; the first 3 are easy to get to and is paved in some areas. The difficulty of the trail increases slightly after this. To get to the seventh waterfall, there is some rock scrambling. You can swim in the pools underneath each waterfall to cool down as long as you don't mind the fish, which will happily munch on the dead skin on your feet (no worries--it doesn't hurt at all, just tickles like crazy). Around the holidays, it can get very busy, especially around Chinese New Year -- aim to go a couple weeks after this if you can.

Lovely hike, not so alone anymore. Quite Some hikers that join you towards the temple or back down again. Also Some locals who make A jog on This trail! Looks A bit dangerous to me. But loved the environments!

The trail is great with literally no people and quite steep sections so go for it only if you’re intolerant long hiking (it took me more than 5h). Some of the parts are done on the downhill trail so watch out for bikers. In the middle there is a little village with an amazing coffee so this is a must try. In the last section you can take a trail along the river to avoid walking down the busy road. Enjoy

Great trek! Well marked for Thai standards. Great template in the middle as well as at the end. I recommend taking Grab to the trailhead.

1 month ago

Enjoyed the first part of the hike to the monk residences... probably only a 20 min uphill stroll. After that you cross a road and begin the true uphill portion. You are scaling a mountain to the temple. It’s uphill the whole way and there are no vistas or waterfalls to distract on the way up. Additionally, it is not clearly marked. Once at the temple you will be joined by crowds of people that took tour buses to the top. I recommend only if you want a workout. Other than that it would be much more fun to take a motorbike to the upper temple.

Anyone in the old city or Nimmanhaemin could add a 9km ramble out of town to the start of the walk, past fresh food markets and old uni campuses and temples. Take lots of full-strength repellent (you can buy it on the way from pharmacies). The walk from the Chiang Mai zoo turnoff to Wat Pha Lad jungle temple is well marked and beautiful and you really must wander the temple grounds. Coffee and tea available here. The hike to Doi Suthep - continue on the right bank of the river over the bamboo bridge - gets much steeper for much longer. But you do get rushing water, streams, higher forest landscapes and very few people. Still quite clean too except for that little rubbish tip right at the top. Hundreds of stairs at the end to the temple. Once there you’ve got cafes and shops and toilets and cool
Shady spots to sit and big old temples to visit.
Not sure the return journey on foot would be that rewarding. I got a songthiew ride back to town for 50 baht. All up from my hotel in city centre 15km.

Great hike through the jungle. Wear breathable pants to protect from some spiky plants. Hike up was pretty steap and hard with the heat and humidity. but lots of beautiful plants and wildlife. lots of restaurants in the village at the top for lunch. trails are great. no need for a guide if you have the gps map. i recommend taking an extra 15-30 min at the waterfall at the start. its very pretty.

2 months ago

DO NOT go through the jungle unless you have a full day to hike/ lots of food/ long clothing/ a machete! My boyfriend and I have been hiking all of our lives but trying to find a trail in the jungle was so hard. There were scattered piles of burnt wood- so we followed that up to some farm fields. We then trekked through 3 fields on what we assumed was a path. We thankfully found the farmer and he pointed us towards the paved road we were supposed to be on for the other half of the loop. It was way too late then to find the caves so we had to walk back to town instead. The village near the caves was really fun to walk though- I strongly recommend an out and back on the right side of the map to the caves instead of doing the loop! I hope we can someday go back to see the caves.

2 months ago

great little trek best done during the week. too many people at the weekend.

Great little trek.

2 months ago

I started my walk/hike from the Viking Nature Resort near Long Beach - there is a system of trails along the shoreline that will lead you to town, and from there the viewpoint is well marked! Easy walk with some stairs to climb at the end - I recommend getting their early as the sweat struggle is very real! The viewpoint is facing west(ish) and I imagine it would be a beautiful sunset photo, but likely very crowded at that time as well. There is a 30baht entrance fee - which is more than reasonable considering the view. You can also find a couple shops at the top for cold refreshments (my iced latte was the perfect treat to sip on as I enjoyed the view!


3 months ago

Long hike mostly on paved road. Beautiful views with many farms along the way. The cave is large and very deep. make sure if you plan to explore the cave you bring a good light source with a backup. also helps to light candles every 100 meters or so to easly find your way out.

This is a once in a lifetime experience, but not for the faint of heart. You are walking a path that has been built in a swamp. The villagers have their houses on stilts, and they use the paths to get in and out of their meager houses. These people are poor, and this path gives you a balcony seat looking into a world you have no part in. I was threatened by dogs at one point, but an unseen voice rang out in a language I didn’t know, and they backed off.

And don’t get me started on the “trailhead” in this app. You are so remote that my cabby used my phone gps to get there. With every turn, as the roads turned rough and the dog packs more bountiful, he would ask me was I sure about this.

Finding a cab to get out of this place is difficult. But I got lost and wandered into a little village that did have a taxi stand. Thank god!

Hey, I say do it. But be prepared in the ways I’ve said.

If you are looking for a genuine jungle adventure this trail is for you! I did this hike on 9/23/2018. I would rate this trail as HARD not moderate. Much of it was unmarked and very overgrown. It gets very steep in some areas and at times the trail is basically non-existent. I would NOT recommend for families or pets. However, if you are looking for a bit of a thrill, making your way through this wild terrain is worth it. You will see many different ecosystems from lush jungle, to evergreen forest, to a type of grassland. The hike features many different forms of wildlife and waterfalls. Be prepared to knock down some spider webs as they had spanned the trail which had clearly not been traveled in some time. The AllTrails map is extremely accurate. I would not have made it without it! I would recommend going Pro and having the map on hand for this trail. A GPS or compass would be helpful too. Make sure to bring a fully charged phone, plenty of water and snacks! I completed the trail, and overcame some fear in that jungle! It took about 4-5 hours to complete the hike through the jungle, up the mountain, and then descend down into the grassland area by the helipad. I am rating this 3 stars because it is not accurately portrayed on here and I want people to be aware that it is a difficult trail physically and mentally! It starts out easy but becomes very difficult and hard to navigate. It is not well traveled... I never saw another soul so be prepared to know you are completely alone out in this wilderness! It was an adventure of a lifetime, I am glad I did it but I don't think I will be setting off into the mountainous jungles anytime soon.

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