Photos of Surat Thani Hiking Trails

off trail
over grown
washed out
13 days ago

The up was great- well marked. Definitely steep especially towards the end that felt a bit never ending versus what I was expecting. We opted to do the loop instead of just up and down once we got to the top. The down side of the loop is not well marked, pretty steep down, and very easy to get off trail in multiple places, in fact there was a while where we were off trail and had to use GPS to get us back to the trail marked here on this app. If you choose to do this one, be ware of this and watch out for large spiders/spider webs on the trail. We encountered some of the largest spiders I've ever seen across this trail. Overall, I don't think I would do this one again compared to the other views we've seen in Koh Tao for example but the hike/exercise was good.

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