Photos of Hang Dong Trails

Hang Dong

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1 month ago

DO NOT go through the jungle unless you have a full day to hike/ lots of food/ long clothing/ a machete! My boyfriend and I have been hiking all of our lives but trying to find a trail in the jungle was so hard. There were scattered piles of burnt wood- so we followed that up to some farm fields. We then trekked through 3 fields on what we assumed was a path. We thankfully found the farmer and he pointed us towards the paved road we were supposed to be on for the other half of the loop. It was way too late then to find the caves so we had to walk back to town instead. The village near the caves was really fun to walk though- I strongly recommend an out and back on the right side of the map to the caves instead of doing the loop! I hope we can someday go back to see the caves.