Photos of Chiang Mai Camping Trails

I live in Chiang Mai and I go hiking every week. In the last 2 years that's already almost 10 groups of tourists I've seen having problem there: people completely lost, people deshydrated or tired because not enough water or food, one person with scorpion or snake bite, people blocked because of fallen trees and no machete... When I asked how they have been here, all of them told me they found the route with this app. This is completely irresponsible from this app to share such routes without any detailed warning. Hey this is jungle, this is not a marked footpath like in Europe or USA! There is no marks, no staff in case of emergency, sometime no signal on telephone, no place to get food or refill water. It's quite dangerous because of snakes, flood or fallen trees. I would strongly dissuade people without a big experience of jungle and a good preparation to go there on their own. Use a local guide or ask advice on Trekking Thailand Facebook page.

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