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Ban Choeng Doi, Chiang Mai Map

Anyone in the old city or Nimmanhaemin could add a 9km ramble out of town to the start of the walk, past fresh food markets and old uni campuses and temples. Take lots of full-strength repellent (you can buy it on the way from pharmacies). The walk from the Chiang Mai zoo turnoff to Wat Pha Lad jungle temple is well marked and beautiful and you really must wander the temple grounds. Coffee and tea available here. The hike to Doi Suthep - continue on the right bank of the river over the bamboo bridge - gets much steeper for much longer. But you do get rushing water, streams, higher forest landscapes and very few people. Still quite clean too except for that little rubbish tip right at the top. Hundreds of stairs at the end to the temple. Once there you’ve got cafes and shops and toilets and cool
Shady spots to sit and big old temples to visit.
Not sure the return journey on foot would be that rewarding. I got a songthiew ride back to town for 50 baht. All up from my hotel in city centre 15km.

12 days ago

great little trek best done during the week. too many people at the weekend.

Great little trek.

nature trips
2 months ago

Great hike. The first section to the jungle temple is pretty easy. After you leave that temple and cross the road you will find the trail picking up on the other side of the road. You will see the back of a sign when you reached the road if you look to your left. Once you start the second trail it ramps up a bit. Push through and you will exit about 500 meters from Doi Sethep. Walk up the 300 steps to the top and you are done. You can then hike back down or take a baht bus back to where you started.

the walk to the first temple is quite short and very enjoyable. you will be rewarded with a quaint wooden temple complex. No need to go beyond it as it is way too far and not as nice.

Only went to the temple at the halfway point, but it was a lovely hike with incredible views. Took around 2 hours to hike up and down the mountain.

7 months ago

Great hike. The hike to the big temple on the top is more strenuous than the one to the lower temple in the woods. If you ended your hike at the pile of garbage you did not go far enough and make it to the temple. Follow the path past the trash up the road through the trees. You approach the temple from behind and there are plenty of red taxis to take you back to Chiang Mai

8 months ago

Pretty good trail. Not long, but a significant change of elevation. So be prepared for that. Bring water as it gets HOT along the way. Follow the orange trail markers. The first Wat at the top was quite tranquil.

The full length hike is an absolute waste of time and effort.
After the first quarter of the trip up, you will be met with a nice temple on the edge of a stream with monks selling water and coffee. Again, beyond this point is a waste of time. It remains extremely steep and you eventually hit a roadway with red taxis asking you if you want a ride to the top/bottom. Once you cross the roadway it’s another steep incline hike.
There are no views along the way.
Also, when you finally reach the top of the 4 mile hike, you will be met with a landfill. A giant garbage heap will greet you warmly with broken bottles in the dirt, couches, building materials, and a disgusting smell. What’s more is that there is also a gift shop market at the top, where everyone is selling the same funny looking shirt and “try for experience” fried bugs.

I cannot believe that this trail has 20 reviews of all 5 stars.

Remember, after you reach the temple, don’t kill yourself trying to climb further. It is a waste of time.

10 months ago

amazing trail with in the jungle. not so difficult. stopping at Way Palat is deftnetly a must. the second half of the trail is steep so have your knees prepared.

11 months ago

We started from the top with our 2 kids. When starting from the top the trailhead is impossible to find due to the changes in the temple grounds, it is better to start from the road intersection before the temple. It is challenging for kids so make sure they are seasoned trekkers before doing this trail. We also did geocaching on the way.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Temples and little waterfalls on the way. Viewpoint on the top.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Great trail; slippery and challenging in a few areas!
Love it!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

We walked up one way and got a tuk tuk down as it's very steep, muddy and slippery during wet season. A great almost free activity :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rather beautiful

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Great hike up from the Chiang Mai Zoo. We took a red truck from the old city down Suthep Rd. It cost us 40 Baht (1 USD) for the two of us. We stopped at Wat Pha Lat. We enjoyed it very much. It's very calm. The rest of the hike up to Doi Suthep is very straight forward. We saw a bunch of monkeys in the trees. We were chased by someones dogs. It was a bit scary. The temple is beautiful. A lot of tourists but worth the hike.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

If you ever have a chance to go to Chiang Mai Thailand, do yourself a favor by trying this fun hike to a beautiful temple at the top.

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